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Heavy lifting: F45 and its under-the-radar gym franchise success

"500 franchises in two years.

Now, F45 estimates there are just a further 50 territories left in Australia for the model and expects to sell those – at $100,000 a pop – in the next three months.
But isn't he worried the model – which pitches an intense, 45-minute work-out with a strong emphasis on technology as well as a minimum two trainers on site – might simply be the fitness industry's latest fad? "


With more than 450 locations in 18 countries and a growing presence in the US—including three Los Angeles locations and the first New York City studio debuting this summer—founder Robert Deutsch says they’re just getting warmed up. “In Australia, we were the fastest-ever franchise rollout in history, faster than McDonald’s,” he says.

Time to get fit: a guide to HIIT

"There's the 45 minute work-out, popularised by F45, 30-minute classes, then, more recently, HIIT has accelerated into the seven-minute workout, the four-minute Tabata-based workout, the impossibly athletic 30-second workout and the recently researched one-minute workout.

The idea for all of them is the same: all the benefits of exercise are condensed in one extremely fell swoop. "

Australia's F45 opens first fitness studio in India

"“Hyderabad is the first market that marks entry of F45 in India. Our intent is to make F45 training the biggest fitness phenomenon by opening 300 such studios over the span of next 5 years,” Mr. Palli added.

Cricketer Brett Lee said, “This chain of health transformers is innovative, cost effective and incredibly systemised in their training facility. F45 is by far the most innovative and has to be experienced, to be believed.” "

Could YOU survive the fastest-growing fitness craze? We try out the 'terrifying' F45 workout beloved by celebrities... and decide it IS worth the full-body pain afterwards

"F45, short for Functional 45, is a programme founded by the Sydney-based trainer-to-the-stars Luke Istomin, and it’s based on high-intensity, interval training (or HIIT).

The session is timed, with 45 seconds ‘on’ and working out, and short fifteen second ‘rest’ periods in between. It is fast, includes strength work and cardio, and is just a little bit brutal. "

F45 Australian gym comes to city

“The city of Vijayawada has produced some of the best entrepreneurs, artists, investors and other professionals. It is high time the city also produced some of the fittest people for the country. F45 is here to make this probability a reality,” they said.

Proudest daughter in the world!' Olympia Valance poses with her mother after bringing her to gruelling workout class

"The 23-year-old roped her mother Tania in to one session on Thursday, taking to Instagram to share her pride after completing the workout.

'Proudest daughter in the world over here! Tonight my mummy put aside all her fears of exercise (except yoga) and came along to an @f45_training_portmelbourne session with me,' she said. "

Is functional training better than Crossfit?

"F45 focuses on “holistic, functional fitness”, with all the exercises designed to help you move better throughout your daily life.

“We focus on strength, respiratory and flexibility,” says Jacqueline Karim, who manages an F45 training centre in the Sydney suburb of Crows Nest.

Each exercise targets a different part of the body so you get an all-over workout,” says Ms Karim. “It targets your body in the correct way, building muscle and melting fat.” "

9 Unusual Health and Fitness Trends to Try This Winter

No, this isn’t some code that you have to enter to fix some error on the laptop, it’s a fitness trend coming from Down Under. F45, where F stands for functional, is a team-based training that puts an emphasis to three key factors: motivation, innovation, and results. This isn’t some regular workout routine that you can do in your gym. In fact, at F45 training no program is ever repeated, according to the Australian Fitness Network. Every workout is a unique experience which is amazing because monotonous exercises are the primary reason why people lose interest in fitness. Enter the fitness program’s name and your location in Google to see where the nearest F45 studio is.

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