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Cleveland State University Rec Center endorses functional fitness with new F45 Training program: Stretching Out

The functional fitness game at Cleveland State University is getting serious. Very serious.

Soon, in addition to an already impressive roster of equipment and classes, the school’s recreation center will be one of the few facilities in the state to offer F45 Training, an Australian method of group circuit exercise founded on beliefs in variety, high intensity and functionality.

IMPACT ROUNDUP: New fitness centers open in Cy-Fair

F45 Training, a branch of an Australian fitness company, opened Oct. 14 at 10611 Fry Road, Ste. 400, Cypress. Physical fitness and training classes include high-intensity interval training, team fitness and cardio. 832-850-3527.


First and foremost, it’s important to locate which niche market your product is a part of, and how you can stand out amongst other products. It can be overwhelming in trying to decide where your brand falls, but once you’ve realized who your customer is and what you’re providing them, the rest comes easy. In some situations it may help to discover the customer you want to sell to before you even create the product.

10 Minutes of Hell

F45 is the hardcore fitness trend sweeping the country. MF kits up for session. Remember the hulking colossus that was Hugh jackman in wolverine? His massive, mutant-mashing guns and iron chest were the product of working with Aussie fitness coach Luke Istomin.

The Australian workout sensation F45Training.

The Australian workout sensation F45Training has made its way to Atlanta. Combining high-intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training, the F45 program HELPS TO LOWER BODY FAT PERCENTAGE AND BUILD LEAN MUSCLE.

New Staunton gym for all ages and fitness levels

Bill Campbell has spent most of his life in the corporate world but took a career change to open up a gym in Staunton.
He’s always been active — doing lots of races like the Spartan Race and Tough Mudders, sometimes two per weekend. He was a wrestler and also coached wrestling.

‘Warrior Workout’ Uses Hockey Technique To Help Wounded Vets

A program in the Twin Cities is using hockey to help wounded veterans. Kylie Bearse talks with Adam Meyer of F45 Training and Mike Seegar of Hendrickson Foundation

How to Workout For Free in NYC

Boutique fitness style classes are all the rage these days. I mean, what’s not to love? The studios are beautiful and the workouts are amazing. Well, there is one thing…the price. A single class at one of these high-end studios could cost you $30, usually more. And that’s for just an hour of sweating! Not to worry, I’ve got your best interest in mind (and your bank account). Keep reading to learn how you can sweat for free in NYC!

Fitness studio makes Connecticut debut in Fairfield

F45 Training staged its grand opening in Fairfield Saturday, Sept. 23, with the studio located at the Fairfield Shopping Center at 915-917 Post Road.
Founded in 2012 in Australia, F45 has since expanded to some 750 franchised locations offering group fitness training in 45-minute sessions, with the Fairfield studio the company’s first in Connecticut.


Most of the time I feel completely unprepared and unqualified to advise anyone on fitness. I call these times “when I’m awake.” So if you think it’s weird that I’ve been given a corner of the internet to share my thoughts and experiences about exercise you’re in good company. But what I can give you is complete honesty from an utterly average worker-outer – and advice from people who REALLY know what they’re doing. Let’s begin.Does F45 work?

Why Fitness Franchises Are Booming

Back in February 2012, Anna Dey called her dad in Cleveland with what seemed like an impulsive request. “You’re not happy with your career, and you’re still 10 years away from retiring,” she said. “I want you to help me open a gym.” His reply? “Hell, no.” She’d expected as much. Her dad, Von Hollingsworth, had spent 30 years in the electronics-distribution industry. He had a comfortable, stable career, and he wasn’t going to throw it away on a lark. But to Dey this was no lark. Then 24 and just two years out of college, she was a sales manager for Altria, which used to be known as Philip Morris. Basically, she sold cigarettes. But her real passion was fitness. All day, she thought about her workouts. And when she worked out, she envied the manager of her gym, thinking, Gosh, I wish I had that job. She hired a personal trainer, then got certified as a trainer herself.

Randolph Williamson Completes New Fitness Concept Build in Buckhead

Randolph Williamson has completed construction of F45 Training, a new Australian fitness concept, in The Shops at Buckhead. And, while the fitness center staff and clients enjoy workouts with high-energy music pumping, their neighbors won’t notice thanks to movie industry soundproofing techniques used in construction.

The Founder Questionnaire: Rob Deutsch, Founder of F45 Training

Here’s what Rob Deutsch, Founder of F45 Training has to say about entrepreneurship, office space, and company culture.

Causely Inc. Named Preferred Vendor by F45 Training

“Partnering with Causely was a natural fit for us,” said Mitchell Raisch, F45 Training’s Director of Marketing. “Just like F45 Training provides a simple, effective, and results-driven approach to fitness, Causely provides a proven, turnkey program that helps franchisees quickly generate word-of-mouth.” Causely, through its Sweat Angels program, began working with select F45 Training locations in early 2017, whose owners saw strong results with the program.

WMU first university in Michigan to offer F45 functional training program

Adopting a healthier lifestyle has been a factor in many individuals lives since programs like P90X and 8-minute abs made their first debut. Many people fervently search for the newest and most effective workouts being offered, which is why Western Michigan University has proudly become the first university in Michigan and sixth in the nation to bring the F45 functional training program to its campus.

Western Wellness continues to promote fitness with new and ongoing programs

The Western Wellness initiative is continuing its efforts to spread health and wellness across the WMU campus, offering new as well as tried-and-true programs and classes.

9 Trainers Share Their Favorite Exercises of All Time

There’s a time and place for bicep curls, calf raises and leg extensions, but the bedrock of every workout should be big moves. That is, the ones that tap more muscles, improve your ability to perform everyday tasks and burn calories like crazy. Here are nine top trainers’ picks for exercises that will give you the biggest return on your reps.

Entrepreneurs Flock to Pasadena as Businesses Blossom During Summer

While summer typically sets a slow pace for most people, over the past two months frenetic local entrepreneurs kept pace with a famous national brand, Dunkin’ Donuts, in bringing new business concepts into reality across Pasadena at a surprising rate.

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