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F45 Cross Trails

F45 Training Cross Trails offers functional group fitness classes, reimagined. We are more than just a gym. We are the total wellness solution for every body. With 5,000+ dynamic, energy-packed movements and over 80 workouts offered, we help you unlock your inner athlete. We are the workout you always wanted with the team you didn’t know you needed. New to F45 Training?

Team Training. Life Changing.

F45 Cross Trails

Mark Wahlberg said it best: It’s not about mirrors, mood lights or followers. It’s about what you did with your time. It’s about how you feel when you are finished and who encouraged you along the way. Ready to join the movement?

Team Training. Life Changing.

F45 Cross Trails

F45 Training is functional group fitness, with the effectiveness and attention of a certified personal trainer. Our workouts are designed for every body. Join us to find out why we are rated #1 Gym by Men’s Journal in the US and Canstar Blue in Australia.


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After 3 years and 500+ classes into F45, my mental and physical health have drastically improved.
My focus is building stamina and endurance to combat multiple sclerosis. I’m 61 and in the best shape of my life.
I’ve lost 187 lbs since my very first workout in 2021. F45 has become the most joyful place in my life.
Through F45, I have lost 13 lbs of fat, gained 4 lbs of muscle and descreased by body fat by 6%.
Three years ago I got cancer. It was my F45 family and friendships that got me through it. My team is always there for me.


If you are looking to begin a new exercise program or to give your current exercise program some variety, LOOK NO FURTHER!! You found it at the F45 Training Cross Trails location in North Central Round Rock!! This F45 location is AMAZING. It is easily accessible for everyone on both sides of I35. The studio is always spotless (thank you so much) and more spacious than a standard F45 studio. Plus, there is a Starbucks located in the exact center 🤯! But most importantly, the coaching staff is, by far, the most knowledgeable, experienced, and well-rounded trainers I have had the privilege to train with. Each Coach has a specialty: nutrition, stretching, or weightlifting form. As corny as it sounds, the owner and staff genuinely care about their members. No matter where you are on your exercise journey, the coaches will suggest modifications for each station and always encourage you never to quit but to keep moving at your level. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming to old and new members and people trying out F45 for the first time. I personally know how the most challenging first step in starting any exercise routine is to walk through the door. I suggest you choose this door. You won’t regret it!
Azure A.
Round Rock, TX
Did a Drop In class while I was in town and visited this studio. I had a great experience there. One of the coaches was close to the front door and welcomed me and my brother in law instantly. She provided a tour and explained how the workout was going to be. Coaches projected their voice really well. They both made sure that they came around to give every member attention and to motivate them. Coaches constantly cleaned after us sweaty people. The studio and equipment were extremely clean. The workout was challenging but very fun. Thank you F45 Training Cross Trails for the great experience.
G Grande
Round Rock, TX
Words cannot express how grateful I am to have come across this specific studio. I’m a former athlete who struggled to find workouts that motivated me to keep going. I look forward to going to my F45 workouts. The workouts are tough but the coaches and community keep me going. It’s so inspiring feeling strong again. Beyond happy to be a part of this community!
Rosie B.
Round Rock, TX
I’m new to the fitness world. I was nervous about joining a gym due to my lack of knowledge of what to do and how to do it. I reached out to F45 Cross Trails and got an immediate response from JJ via email. Everything was explained thoroughly during the on boarding process and I was in my first class a few days later. First thing I noticed is how welcoming everyone is here. All the coaches have been very encouraging and really helpful during class. I really feel that with everything this gym has to offer, I will reach my fitness goals in no time!
Stephen L.
Round Rock, TX
This new location, Cross Trails F45, rocks! JJ Cardoso went above and beyond to explain to me, under his expert guidance, how to recomposition my body and lifestyle habits that improve my physical and mental health. He also provided a personalized nutrition report guide with meal planning. The F45 coaches are very respectful and supportive when helping you with strength and functional training. They know how to lead and motivate. Their help brings out the best in you and gets you into the best shape of your life. 💪
Monika A.
Round Rock, TX
F45 is on the leading edge of innovation. Their workouts are SO well designed. I’ve never left a workout yet saying, “I wish I did more”. The coaches have a great eye in progressing or regressing their students. Music is a little spotty (Bluetooth issues) not a huge deal but when you’re in the middle of a working set trying to push yourself, clear music helps 🙂 easy fix! Cross trail community is second to none! Everyone is so lively and wanting/willing to talk to one another. Other places I have been to, this is not the case. Definitely recommend booking your first class!
Jace B.
Round Rock, TX
I recently joined and now I am addicted. The training sessions are set up for the begginner to the gym rat. They are quick and easily fit into my busy schedule. I have recommended to everyone is looking to get back into shape.😍💪🏼
Round Rock, TX
If you want to get into working out or even continue working out, you should give F45 a try. The Cross Trails community is great, everyone is always super uplifting, and it really helps with keeping you accountable (if you are anything like me and need that accountability). It’s tough, but I feel amazing after each session. Never thought I’d actually look forward to going to a workout class!
Stacey L.
Round Rock, TX
This F45 studio is amazing! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the workouts are always challenging but fun. The equipment is top-notch and the studio is always clean. I love the sense of community and support, and always leave feeling inspired and motivated. Highly recommend!
Wyatt W.
Round Rock, TX
After about 3 years away from fitness, F45 is my forever home! The coaches are my favorite part and they really make fitness easy for beginners. They are always there to help and make the workouts fun. The place is incredibly clean and spacious. This will be my home gym!
Vania S.
Round Rock, TX
Great workouts. Equipment top quality and coaches are instructive and supportive. Motivating atmosphere with fellow club mates. Highly recommended.
Richard G.
Round Rock, TX
F45 has not only pushed me to do better in my fitness lifestyle but also encouraged me to believe in myself! The coaches are so helpful and the community is fun!
Rebecca C.
Round Rock, TX
They have a great team of people here who truly want you to succeed. They go above and beyond to push you to your limits and then push you past them. Highly recommend checking this place out if you want to get in shape quick.
Kameron F.
Round Rock, TX
Best workout experience I’ve had in a long time, glad to be a new member here 🙏🏼 I appreciate the quality staff that actually care about my results.
Sam L.
Round Rock, TX
Everyday is different. Everyday is fun. In and out and on with your day. Great coaches and atmosphere
Lance P.
Round Rock, TX


F45 trainers are in a league of their own, delivering the expert guidance and unconditional support of a one-on-one personal trainer. Get to know the F45 trainers near you before your next F45 class.

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F45 Athlete
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F45 Global Athletics Director
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F45 Recovery Director
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