How to Build a Sustainable Fitness Routine with F45

Building and adhering to a fitness routine can be difficult; it requires overcoming both physical and mental hurdles for long-term gain. When we first establish a workout plan and clear, achievable objectives, it can be quite empowering. But when motivation wanes, it can be easy to lose momentum and sight of our fitness goals. There are endless benefits to maintaining a fitness plan, but in order to reach them, it’s essential that you carve out a sustainable workout routine. With an extensive range of F45 workouts to guide you along your fitness journey, you can stay consistent and accountable while you unlock your physical potential.

The importance of consistency in training

A long-term fitness routine requires both mental and physical consistency. In undertaking our fitness goals, we should be prepared for the mental roadblocks we might experience along the way. A workout plan is most worthwhile when practiced regularly, and like any new physical challenge, it will take time before your fitness routine becomes a learned habit. 

Research suggests that it may take up to six months to establish consistent workout habits.¹ Having concrete fitness goals – like increasing muscle mass and improving strength and endurance – gives you something tangible to work towards and offers clear progress markers. This will help you be consistent with your fitness efforts. 

Not only does consistent training allow you push past mental obstacles, it’s also essential for increasing endurance, improving strength and building muscle mass. Consistency in a workout routine allows the body to adapt, and as you do, you can gradually increase the stress placed on the body – the ‘stress’ being the intensity of your workout, including weight, frequency and repetitions. 

This process is known as ‘progressive overload’ and it’s a key principle in resistance workouts.² Without progressive overload at the core of your training, results are inconsistent, and it can be easy to lose steam.

The long-term benefits of a workout plan

Creating a sustainable workout routine that’s right for you can help you achieve your fitness goals and offer endless benefits to your body.³ These can include: 

  • Improved cardiovascular function and aerobic fitness
  • Better endurance, coordination, balance, flexibility and agility
  • Increased muscle strength and lean muscle mass (a core component of a healthy weight loss program)
  • Reduced body fat
  • More restful sleep, which also improves energy levels 
  • The endorphins released during a workout help boost your mood
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem through achieving regular physical goals

How to create a fitness routine with F45

F45 classes are judgement-free zone designed for all abilities and fitness levels, allowing you to take gradual steps that will set you up for long-term physical success. F45 offers four types of workout classes: resistance, cardio, recovery and hybrid (a blend of resistance and cardio training). By performing a regular combination of these workouts, you can improve your strength, aerobic fitness and overall health, while also helping your body recover in between high-intensity exercises. Together, this will help you build a well-rounded fitness routine that you can sustain. Continue reading as we guide you through how to make a workout plan.


Resistance training, otherwise known as strength training, is a form of high-intensity exercise that helps burn calories post-workout, increases strength and power, and builds lean muscle mass. If you are seeking long-term weight management or taking medically prescribed weight loss medication, preserving and increasing lean muscle mass helps safeguard your body against injury. F45 provides full-body resistance training from qualified, passionate instructors so that you feel supported and motivated to maintain your workout plan.


Cardio is another foundational element of a sustainable workout routine, assisting with burning calories, weight loss, and improving endurance, stamina and cardiovascular fitness.4 An F45 cardio workout will get your heart pumping with plyometric moments (think explosive and jumping exercises) with changes in tempo and timing. These classes are also adapted to various fitness levels and abilities, so you can build confidence as you build your physical prowess.


An impactful fitness routine should also include recovery workouts. Our F45 studios operate on this idea so you can supplement your high-intensity exercise with recovery workout sessions. A class that focuses on restoring and rebuilding, recovery utilises a blend of stretching techniques and active and passive exercises. You’ll find that these workouts increase flexibility, posture and range of motion – physical qualities that support our resistance, cardio and hybrid classes. Recovery time in the gym and on rest days plays a large role in sustaining your workout regime, helping to prevent burnout and injury.

Next, discover how you can use your curated F45 fitness routine for long-term weight loss management.





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