F45 Challenge Powered by WHOOP Wrap-Up

F45 Challenge x WHOOP | December 2023

We’re in the final stretch of the 45 Day Challenge and as we look ahead to final assessments, we want to celebrate the F45 Community that showed up and showed out using WHOOP. By leveraging this wearable fitness tracker, Challengers were able to fine-tune their workouts with personalized insights into their individual performance and recovery. They tracked metrics like sleep quality, daily strain, lifestyle habits and recovery enabling them to optimize their training and maximize results.

Check out how WHOOP users crushed this 45 Day Challenge:

  • 57,516 F45 activities logged in the WHOOP App
  • 6 hours and 54 minutes: The total average slept by the  F45 Community
  • 60%: The average F45 community recovery score (beating the existing average of 58% – great work, team!)
  • 11.4: The average F45 community strain score

We’re so proud of everyone who participated, improved one or more important lifestyle behaviors and unlocked their future fitness with F45. We can’t wait to see what amazing things our community will achieve next!

Want to keep crushing your goals with WHOOP? Check in with your studio or with the document included in your trial package to learn more about converting to a WHOOP membership today. For additional support visit this WHOOP FAQ page.

Ready for your next Challenge? 2024 dates are in! Check in with your local studio to participate and download the F45 Training App for registration and Challenge news. You can also learn more about the F45 Challenge by visiting f45training.com/f45-challenge.

  • 5 February – 20 March
  • 20 May – 3 July
  • 7 October – 20 November


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