F45: The Full-Body Wellness You Deserve

By Susan Ciancio

Are you looking for a different kind of workout—one that far surpasses any you have ever experienced and one that guarantees results? We bet your answer is yes! And you’re not alone. Mindbody and ClassPass recently gathered data illustrating today’s fitness trends and compiled them into a report. In this 2023 State of the Wellness Industry, we learn a lot about what today’s gym members want—in a gym membership and in life. And this is great news for F45 gym members. 

We will highlight the benefits of the F45 community, but first we want to explore some of the important findings regarding why people want to actually go to a gym rather than just work out at home. Reasons include the following:

  • 81% say they push themselves harder in class 
  • 74% prefer an instructor’s direction 
  • 67% say that in-person classes makes it easier to adhere to a routine
  • 43% say they want to be part of a fitness community

The survey also found that 64% of the respondents said that it was more important to spend money on wellness than on other leisure expenses. 

In addition, 40% say that they want the emotional and psychological benefits of working out. Indeed, the survey also found that wellness encompasses more than simply being in good physical shape; it includes mental and spiritual health as well. 

So let’s get back to why this is excellent news for F45 members or for anyone looking to join an F45 gym

F45 offers all these benefits and more!

Founded in Australia, F45 training combines “elite, proven benefits of combining high-intensity interval training, circuit training, and functional training . . . into one 45-minute functional training class.” 

With 5,000 curated workouts and 45 unique classes, you will get innovative, high-intensity group workouts that are fast, fun, and results-driven. In these 45-minute classes, members can burn up to 750 calories! That’s amazing!

Each F45 workout incorporates cardio, resistance-based strength training, or a hybrid of both, all geared toward your everyday life. And with the nearly countless combinations of workouts, you will not find yourself doing the same boring workout day after day.

F45’s functional workouts are geared toward everyday movements and are created to give you heart-pumping fun. The goal of F45 workouts is to help you become the healthiest, strongest, and fittest version of yourself possible. 

At F45, we offer different workout classes so you can choose which will help you achieve your goals and which will help you get that balanced workout.

Our full-body resistance training helps increase your muscle mass.

Our cardio workouts use plyometrics—a type of exercise that uses both the speed and force of various movements to build muscle power—to get your heart pumping.

Our hybrid workouts are awesome strength training workouts that include cardio, resistance, agility, and core movements to increase your endurance and your metabolism.  

And our recovery sessions are the perfect way to rebuild and restore your body. 

In addition, all of F45’s coaches are certified personal trainers, so you know that you’re in capable hands when you’re in the gym. 

But F45 is about more than the amazing workout you will get in the gym. It’s also about the friends you will make, the support you will gain, the confidence you will build, and the fitness goals you will achieve. 

The F45 community will cheer you on and pick you up when you think you’ve given all you can. And while the F45 workout may seem daunting or maybe even impossible at first, know that all are welcome and no one is ever turned away because of your starting fitness level. F45 coaches will work with you at your current level but will push you to achieve successes you never thought possible.

Many of the respondents surveyed for the state of the wellness industry report said that their motivation in working out was to “live a long and healthy life.” As an F45 member, you will be well on your way to physical and emotional health. And that’s a benefit you can always be excited about!

So what are you waiting for? Find a gym near you and start your fitness journey today!


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