How Cristina Chan Balances Strain & Recovery

Cristina Chan, F45 Recovery Athlete, CES, CPT  |  October 2023

I love being active in both my work and spare time which requires me to be aware of how I can keep my body sustainably functioning. Even as a wellness coach, having a fitness tracker like WHOOP helps remind me when I need to take some extra time for my body to recover.

Here is a snapshot of some of my most active days and the way I used my personalized data from WHOOP to optimize my fitness and recovery:

Catching Waves

  • Recovery: 80%
  • Activity strain: 17.5 – Surfing

I went surfing twice this day when there was good surf swell. On days when I surf a lot, I need to stretch my upper body. On this day I took about 15 min dedicated to those muscles. I also make sure I get extra rest so my body has time to relax.

Getting Strong

  • Recovery: 76%
  • Activity Strain: 12.6 – F45 Training & Movement

This strain number came from two workouts that were focused on mobility and strength over intensity. This day was the only day of the week that I didn’t surf during the swell and needed some extra time to recover. I did hydrotherapy (hot/cold temp exposure) and got a massage.

Working Through & Responding to Fatigue 

  • Recovery: 63%
  • Activity Strain: 15.1 – Coaching & F45 Training 

This was a day that I got a workout on my own as well as coached a couple of classes. My body was having a harder time recovering due to some travel. Days like these are always reminders for me to go to bed earlier and make sure I am eating foods that my body needs to regulate itself.

Learn more about how you build strain with WHOOP in your workouts and daily activities with this article from our partners at WHOOP: How Does WHOOP Strain Work?

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