Meet Alex Sele, C25 Global Winner



Why did you sign up to the F45 Challenge?

I was inspired by my partner who took part in Challenge 23 and walked away with life-changing results. Not only was she the healthiest version of herself, but was the happiest I have ever seen her. I wanted the same for myself, so seeing her achieve such awesome results really influenced me to start my journey. 

What kept you motivated throughout the 8 weeks?

Definitely my health and how my body was feeling at such a young age. My trainers kept me going—they motivated me day in and day out, pushed me to my limits and allowed me to perform at my very best. Most importantly, my daughter played a huge part, as I knew that if I made this change I would be more active and healthy for her.

What advice would you give to the next Challenger?

Have trust in yourself and trust that the trainers are genuinely there for you and your goals. Never forget why you started, and lastly, stay consistent because results WILL show.

What was your favourite thing about the F45 Challenge?

The vibe and the buzz of every class made training a lot more enjoyable. Seeing different types of people from all aspects of life united in one room, working towards their own personal goals definitely was a highlight for me.

What part about the Challenge did you find most difficult and how did you push through it?

For me personally, the cardio side of things really challenged me mentally and physically. Before joining F45, a jog around the park would be enough cardio for me, so going from such small sessions to extreme workouts was very difficult. Turning up and staying consistent with training helped me get through it. It not only got easier, but I noticed myself becoming more fitter by the minute.



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