The F45 Community Is Thriving in Mackay, Australia

By Susan Ciancio

Kangaroos, wallabies, platypuses . . . and an F45 gym? Yep, Mackay, Australia, has them all! This beautiful city along Australia’s eastern coast is home to stunning beaches, to these amazing animals, and to an F45 community that is as striking as the scenery. 

In the latest in our series of F45 spotlight videos, we introduce you to a gym that is like no other. 

If you are unfamiliar with F45 gyms, let me tell you a bit about us. We offer innovative and high-intensity group workouts that are not only fast and fun but that are also results driven. We build ourselves on the principles of functional training that are designed to help you power through everyday tasks. The workouts aren’t easy, but they are extremely rewarding. And here in Mackay, we show you what F45 gym life is like.

You may think that you know a little about gym life. Maybe you’ve had a membership to one of the nationwide chains or even to someplace local, but you have never seen a gym community like F45. Whereas in most gyms, you show up, do your workout, and leave, in F45 you join a group to work out. Here, you are part of the community. Indeed, you’re such an integral part of the community that they miss you when you’re not there. As they say in the video, if you have signed up for a class and don’t show up, they call or text you—not only to make sure you’re okay but to encourage and motivate you to work toward your goals. 

I bet your gym doesn’t do that. In fact, I bet you could not show up at your gym for months at a time and hear nothing from them. That doesn’t sound like much of a community, does it? It certainly doesn’t sound like a place staffed with people who truly care about you.

That’s just one of the amazing things that makes F45 gyms different from others. And then once you get there, you meet a community like no other. 

Your fellow gym members will not only make you feel welcome, but they will encourage you, teach you, and support you through the difficult days. 

Members proudly say that F45 workouts are “addictive,” fun, and that they make them feel “fit and healthy for everyday life.” They praise the courteous staff, they celebrate the workout routines, and they rave about the health results they see. 

Members stress that they have grown mentally, physically, and emotionally stronger. They explain how the inspiration of not only the trainers but of the other members keeps them coming back, even on days when they would rather sleep in or do something else. 

Several members explain that they had health problems and used F45 to become stronger because they did not want to be defined or held back by their sickness. And so, with perseverance, quality trainers, and good care, they overcame their health challenges. 

Though we spotlight Mackay’s awesome community in this video, we want you to know that this F45 gym is not an anomaly. This F45 community feeling is something you will experience at all of our gyms, and that is why we are unique. 

F45 gyms and workouts are truly life-changing experiences. But don’t take our word for it; go see for yourself. We have gyms all over the world! Visit our Find a Studio page to locate an F45 gym near you and see what this awesome community has in store for you!


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