The benefits of HIIT for your ELEVATE schedule

By Emily Sanderson, F45 Athletics | November 2022


Elevate movement card:
The movement calendar provided for the Elevate challenge is designed so you can repeat mini fitness challenges, and track your progress along the way. The focus should be on incidental movement, a goal-oriented focus during your workout sessions with the movement of the day, and trackable challenges such as 50 burpees challenge and the 500m row.

Benefits of HIIT for fitness:
Those brief windows of relief in your workout have an incredibly important role in improving your fitness. Your body has an amazing ability to source and burn energy, but it can only do so much untrained. Your fitness levels are connected to your body’s ability to source and burn energy, and generally, the more proficient it is in doing so, the more you can achieve in a workout. The good news – this can be trained, by sticking to the intervals.

In your F45 sessions, you should make sure to stick to the working time and rest time, no longer and no shorter. The workouts at F45 are designed specifically to challenge the body’s energy systems enough so that they get better at sourcing and burning that energy. So embrace the rest, but when a coach tells you to start working, get straight into it! When they say hold on for those last few seconds, HOLD ON! You can do it!


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