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The F45 Challenge is a holistic training and lifestyle program that empowers you to meet your fitness goals, no matter what they are. Through expert-curated performance and nutrition education, tools and guidance, the F45 Challenge delivers lasting transformation.



Join the F45 Challenge today and experience an industry leading fitness, training, and nutrition program focused on more than body transformation. With our personalized meal plans and classic F45 team training, the F45 Challenge goes deeper, giving members life-long tools and resources plus supportive accountability to sustainably transform their lives.


Discover a vast array of recipes, handpicked by F45 accredited Dieticians and Nutritionists, catering to various dietary requirements. From breakfast to dinner and snacks, explore thousands of options tailored for you.


Get ready-to-eat F45 Meals delivered to your door. They’re strategically designed to help support your training goals, health, and make eating balanced & nutrient dense meals the easiest and most delicious part of your day.

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F45 is more than a gym, it’s your team. And when it comes to success, there’s strength in numbers. Your F45 coach and studio community will support you to stay the course of your Challenge, helping you to hold yourself accountable with regular check-ins and arming you with the expertise you need to push yourself to meet your goals. The F45 Challenge app also allows you to track your Challenge journey helping you to take responsibility and giving you that extra motivation to make the right choices both in and out of the studio.

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Let’s face it, working out is better with a team. At F45 our functional full-body workouts are both results-driven and fun because you’re not doing it alone. Whether you want to drop body fat or improve body composition, build strength or learn new skills, your F45 studio coach will customize a Challenge training plan that works for you. And while the F45 Challenge is primarily a studio-based program that is built around group training and coaching, our on-demand workouts allow you to keep up your Challenge schedule anywhere, anytime. Stay motivated, active and in touch with your community to power through your F45 Challenge wherever you are.


2023 DATES

MAY 15 – JUN 28
AUG 7 – SEP 20
OCT 23 – DEC 6


The F45 Challenge is a community-focused health, fitness and nutrition program designed to help F45 members adopt a healthier lifestyle and achieve life-changing results through:

  • Goal-targeted functional training from world-class trainers
  • Daily customized meal plans with auto-generated shopping lists
  • Healthy, wholesome recipes including mainstream, vegan and vegetarian options
  • Fitness tracking, progress monitoring and nutrition guidance

You may download the Challenge app at no cost, however, to be a part of the Challenge in-studio experience you will need to contact your local F45 studio to discuss pricing options. To find your local F45 Studio go to: https://f45training.com/find-a-studio

  • Mon, May 15, 23 – Wed, June 28, 23
  • Mon, Aug 7, 23 – Wed, Sept 20, 23
  • Mon, Oct 20, 23 – Wed, Dec 6, 23

Accountability and consistency are everything when it comes to achieving long-term results. Participating in Challenge makes it easy to stay accountable as you’ll be able to track your training progress from one Challenge to the next while gaining a clear understanding of the role nutrition plays in achieving goal-targeted, sustainable results. Secondly, it’s easier to push through comfort zones when you have the support of friends and coaches. Joining Challenge means you’ll become a part of F45’s supportive, team-training community. Gaining the support of other Challenge participants not only makes it easier to stay accountable but it can help you gain the confidence to push yourself to a greater level of performance than you would on your own.

To register for the F45 Challenge, visit www.f45challenge.com select > Sign Up and complete your Challenge profile. You can also register via the F45 Challenge app (iOS & android), just visit the app store and download F45 CHALLENGE at no cost. Once you’ve completed your Challenge registration profile you’re all set to check in for the upcoming Challenge.

If you are not an F45 member, you may still download and access the F45 Challenge mobile app which contains meal plans, recipes, educational articles and videos to support you with your health and fitness goals. To gain access to the F45 On-demand workouts, you will need to be an active member of an F45 studio.
It is highly recommended to participate in-studio throughout Challenge when looking to achieve long-term results. Contact your local F45 studio to find out about their membership options.

If you have forgotten your password, please select “forgot password” under the login box, and an email will be sent to your inbox to create a new password.

Pre-Challenge ‘before’ photos must be submitted or uploaded to the app either the day before/the day of Challenge day 1. Post-Challenge ‘after’ photos must be submitted/uploaded on the final day of Challenge. A guide to taking before & after photos:

  • photos must be in front of a plain background (a white wall is best) they should have bright lighting, no shadowing
  • they should be taken at eye level & show members standing upright
  • participants should be looking forward at the camera with good posture & arms at sides with feet shoulder-width apart.
  • avoid posing, lifting arms, flexing or sucking in the stomach in your photos
  • Selfies are not accepted
  • photos should not have any editing, retouching, photoshopping or filters applied.
    Members must provide written approval (via email is sufficient) for images to be shared in the press, social media platforms and F45 global marketing collateral.

Challenge Inclusivity: F45 HQ understands that we have a diverse group of F45’ers worldwide participating in the Challenge. We want to ensure everyone feels included, and we acknowledge that the requirements set out for photos may conflict with personal or religious beliefs. As such, we allow the following exceptions to the photo requirements:

  • Headscarves, burqas, hijabs or similar
  • Fully clothed, including full length (preferably tighter) clothing to show transformation;
  • Showing some skin, wearing tight leggings or tight shorts and tops

After downloading the Challenge app, you will be prompted to complete your profile by selecting a Challenge goal and answering a few questions about your activity level. You will automatically receive your goal-targeted daily calorie intake after completing these questions.
The F45 Challenge App automatically calculates your recommended daily calorie intake based on age, BMR, activity levels, and Challenge goal (lose weight, maintain weight, or build muscle). The app contains an algorithm that will adjust your daily meal plan to a specific calorie zone within ~100-200 calories of your recommended daily calorie target. This calorie zone algorithm uses a combination of 4 different meal sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large.

Individuals have varying nutritional needs, particularly overall energy needs based on gender, age, body weight, number of training sessions per day and activity outside of training sessions each day. It is expected that energy requirements may vary individually due to varying activity levels and baseline body composition metrics. activity. It is best practice to assess an individual’s energy needs for the purposes of 1) understanding daily energy requirements for overall health; and 2) determining a goal-targeted daily caloric intake for a particular fitness goal. The Mifflin St Jeor equation estimates total energy needs by estimating a person’s resting metabolic rate and multiplying that number by their activity level.

Maintenance is the time period between Challenges that starts the day after a Challenge finishes and runs through until the start of the next Challenge. During this time, meal plans now reflect your maintenance calorie target as opposed to your goal-targeted calories (Ie. build muscle, lose weight). We recommend using this maintenance period to reflect on your progress and establish new goals for the next Challenge.

Yes, between Challenges, maintenance meal plans are available in the EAT section of the Challenge app. It’s important to note that your total daily calorie consumption for maintenance meal planning may vary from your Challenge custom meal plan as maintenance meal plans reflect maintenance calories not goal-targeted calories. For example; a daily calorie target of 1800 calories/day set for a Challenge goal to ‘lose weight’ will auto adjust to maintenance calories (+500) at 2300 calories/day.

If your body composition metrics have changed or if your weekly activity level has changed, we recommend entering these new metrics into the calorie guide during your next Challenge check-in period to continue obtaining an accurate reflection of goal-specific total daily calorie intake.

  • Step 1: Log into the Challenge app
  • Step 2: Select ‘Track’ along the bottom of the screen
  • Step 3: Select ‘calorie guide’ at the top of the screen
  • Step 4: Select ‘update your calorie guide’ to input your current weight and height > follow the steps to select a new goal > choose your meal preference and update your activity level (if needed). You can also manually input the BMR from your Inbody scan by selecting ‘Enter your own BMR’ and following the prompts.

Each recipe in the recipe library has four sizes–small, medium, large, and extra large; the average calories per size are listed below. Once you have selected your Challenge goal and received your daily calorie guide, the daily recipes in your meal plan will automatically reflect your recommended total daily calorie consumption. If you would like to modify your recipe meal size, you’ll first need to modify your calorie guide.

  • Small = 350 calories
  • Medium = 450 calories
  • Large = 700 calories
  • Extra Large = 900 calories

You don’t need to be feeling hungry to lose weight. However, when calorie intake is reduced, there is a chance you may notice some feelings of hunger as your body adjusts. If this is the case, check the following:

Regular water intake can help manage appetite and ensure you remain well-hydrated. Aim to drink a large glass of water approximately 20 minutes before each meal or snack, as well as sipping throughout the day.

Vegetables are a good source of fiber and a way to fill you up without adding lots of extra calories. Aim for at least five servings of these per day. A good visual for this is making sure at least half of your plate at lunch and dinner is salad/vegetables.

By including plenty of vegetables, high-quality protein and appropriate quantities of whole grains, you will be able to lose weight and avoid excruciating hunger.
It’s important to remember that while we want to be in a calorie deficit, ‘starving’ yourself or reducing your caloric intake too low is not advisable.

Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding have varying nutritional needs. We recommended consulting with your primary care physician about exercise and nutrition recommendations prior to registering for Challenge.

This is at the discretion of each F45 studio. Please contact your local F45 studio regarding Challenge prizing.

We recommend a ‘food-first’ approach. The Challenge custom meal plans are loaded with essential nutrients to support sustainable progress and long-term training adaptations. If you are concerned about nutrition deficiencies, you should speak with your primary healthcare professional to assess your individual dietary needs before starting a supplement protocol.

In the TRACK section of the Challenge app, select the STATS button at the top of the page. Click on either Update Weight & Waist or Update Body Measurements to modify your body composition metrics. You can also add a target goal measure for weight & waist.

In the TRACK section of the Challenge app, select the CALORIE GUIDE button at the top of the page. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click “Enter your own BMR.” Here you can enter your personal BMR value (Ie. from your InBody scan for example).

Physiological changes in body composition do not happen immediately as the body must first adapt to training load before changes in body composition can occur. Additionally, the rate at which these physiological adaptations occur (fat loss, lean muscle development) varies from person to person. Some participants may lose inches before losing weight (which may be indicative of a combination of fat loss and muscle gain). For this reason, weekly or bi-weekly weigh-ins in addition to before and after whole-body measurements will provide the most accurate assessment of total body composition changes.

The InBody scan is a noninvasive, easy-to-use method of assessing your body composition pre- and post-Challenge. InBody devices use an advanced form of bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) with a combination of direct segmental measurements and multi-frequencies to break down body composition. Participating in a pre and post Challenge InBody scan enables you to establish a baseline before Challenge and quantify your progress from one Challenge to the next. To maximize the accuracy of the InBody scan, F45HQ recommends the following:

  • Complete your Pre and Post Challenge Inbody scan in the morning prior to training.
  • Avoid eating/drinking just before their scan to avoid variance caused by shifts in body fluids.
  • Wear similar clothing during Pre and Post scans and remove accessories/jewelry – lightweight, dense clothes not recommended.

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to have coffee throughout the Challenge period.

We recommend that members limit/avoid alcohol intake during the 6 and 8-Week Challenges for best results.

If you have an intolerance or allergy to ingredients used in the meal plans, you can either adjust the recipe and swap out those ingredients, or swap in a different meal/snack of your choice from the Recipe Library. If the intolerance or allergy is to gluten or lactose, you can simply replace that ingredient for a gluten-free or lactose-free alternative.

F45’s nutrition policy advocates a “food first” dietary approach —therefore protein should come primarily from whole food sources over protein supplements. However, if choosing a protein powder supplement it’s important to look for the following on the nutrition label:

  • Organic (Ie. USDA-certified organic) be sure to look for your region-specific organic approved label.Contains no added sugar
  • Free from artificial flavors, additives, and coloring
  • Protein per serving ~ 20-30g


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