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At F45 Training, we’ve teamed up with the world’s leaders in fitness, health, and wellness to supercharge your holistic lifestyle journey. Together, we offer our members wellness beyond fitness.

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HYROX is the sport you are already training for at F45. The circuit-style race consists of 8 natural movement stations, with 1 kilometer of running before each. Participants all around the world compete in the exact same course format, for time. Comparable worldwide rankings make HYROX the first and only global fitness race for every body. With events in every major F45 market, there is always a race to train for.

There are four different race categories to choose from, making it accessible and challenging, no matter what level of fitness or experience. Categories include Team Relay, Doubles, Individual Open and Individual Pro. Find out more about HYROX and sign up to a race near you below.

Ikon Pass

Brought to you by Alterra Mountain Company, the Ikon Pass is the new standard in season passes. Connecting the most iconic mountains across North America, the Ikon Pass allows members to experience a community of diverse destinations to both ski and ride. New Ikon Pass holders (and those who renew) can now sign up for a 14-day trial for just $14 at any participating F45 Training location (valid for new members only). F45 and Ikon fans will also benefit from custom, collaborative athletic programming between both brands led by its roster of accomplished athletes.


Performance Inspired

Performance Inspired is a brand of sports nutrition and dietary supplements founded by actor Mark Wahlberg and Tom Dowd, a fitness industry veteran. The brand’s mission is to provide high-quality, natural, and performance-driven supplements to support athletes and individuals in achieving their fitness and health goals. Performance Inspired offers a range of products that are formulated with an emphasis on using clean, natural ingredients and avoiding artificial additives, colors, or sweeteners.  F45 members get 20% off with code: F45-Pi.

TRX/Y Bell

Founded in 2004, TRX® was built on the revolutionary idea that fitness is portable and can be achieved with tools that power your training with bodyweight-based exercises. TRX is the leader in functional training solutions for consumers and professionals, offering a complete line of highly effective, versatile, and portable fitness equipment for unparalleled full body workouts. TRX/Y Bell can be found in F45 studios globally and now you can take the Y Bell workout home with you. F45 members receive 20% off with code: F45TRX20


Functional workouts are the best training for your body, and with that comes the need for recovery! Inflammation is the root cause of pain and soreness, and TIDL products target the source. With proven clinical actives combined with novel plant-powered ingredients, TIDL products offer immediate relief  on the muscles and joints to promote quick recovery so you can get back to what’s most important. Tidl is next generation pain relief. F45 members receive 20% off with code: Recover.

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The DRIPBaR helps people reach optimal wellness by using advances in IV Vitamin Therapy to address health at the cellular level. Each service can be customized to help to improve recovery, boost immunity, increase energy, and combat aging. Feed your Cells, Fuel your Life with the DRIPBaR. F45 members receive 10% off their first service.

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Spartan is the world’s leading extreme wellness and endurance brand with 250 events across more than 40 countries on six continents. In 2023, F45 Training Partnered with Spartan Race to become the Official 45-Minute Workout to help members train like Obstacle Race Champions. The partnership encourages the formation of F45 “teams” to train for, and compete in, Spartan races. In addition, F45 will curate new Spartan-themed fitness classes and programs to get racers prepared for an epic day out on the course.

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Battle Cancer

Battle Cancer is an organization at the forefront of helping those affected by cancer by raising awareness and funds through fitness. F45 has partnered with Battle Cancer to empower our members and studios to fight back against cancer with Battle Prep and the F45 Global Battle Cancer Challenge. All money the studios raise during the Cancer Challenge will make a huge difference to those living with cancer.

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Active Escapes

Active Escapes operates fitness retreats all year round from locations all over the world combining fitness, relaxation and fun. Active Escapes Fitness Retreats allow you to return to normal life energized and refreshed. You’ll enjoy beautiful food, wonderful company whilst enjoying the benefits of tailored workouts, learning to surf and a quiet drink or two. F45 has partnered with Active Escapes to offer retreats to our member network with training centered around the workout and nutrition you love, F45!

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FIT Radio is an Internet radio provider and a mobile app that plays continuous music mixes of various genres engineered by DJs. F45 x Fitradio  partnered to create an app that allows F45 members to experience the worlds #1 workout music provider’s best in class music in their home. Each playlist will be specifically curated to your member’s at-home experience.

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