Training + The Holidays: Tips, Mindset, and Travel

By Emily Sanderson, F45 Athletics | November 2022


Finding the time and motivation to work out during holidays can be tough. The change in routine and environment can make it difficult to stick to small activities you may normally make time for in your daily life. Whilst training around the holiday period may look a little different to normal, it doesn’t have to require huge fitness losses. Here are some tips to help you with holiday habits to stay on top of your health journey and overall mindset. 

Set realistic goals
When everyone is kicking back and relaxing, it may not be sustainable to keep up the rigorous diet and training regime. Be aware of this and set your expectations for what your progress will look like during this period. For example, you may be away from the gym and not be able to attend any classes, so it’s likely your strength goals may be put on pause for a moment. It is important to recognize this and factor your fitness goals into this for a realistic idea of what you can achieve. You may need to push out your strength goals by a few weeks to cater to the holiday period.

Switch up your exercise regime
Whilst you spend time out of your daily schedule, make use of the different activities you have available. Whether you are going for a kayak along the lake or a walk along a new trail, these exciting and new adventures are all active activities that will make your body feel good and keep active. You may even discover a new hobby!

Flexible nutrition
The holidays bring gatherings, parties and meals where you don’t have control over your food. In these circumstances, we recommend you take a flexible and mindful eating approach. You can learn more about practicing food freedom around the holidays with this recent blog article

Travel workouts
If you are still craving a workout while traveling but are lost as to what you should do – don’t forget you have an endless library of workouts at your fingertips on the F45 Challenge App. There are both weighted and non-weighted options available to suit whatever equipment you may have on hand! This can be accessed through the ‘TRAIN’ tab in the challenge app. 

Remember, working out should always be an enjoyable experience, enjoying the process is what will drive long-term commitment and results. It is okay to take a break from your strict schedule sometimes and relax with loved ones. These tips should help you keep on track and ready to continue smashing your goals!


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