Community Workouts Offer Amazing Benefits

There’s nothing that perks up your day more than walking in a door and having people greet you by name and with a smile. Feeling that you belong, that you are wanted, that you’re missed when you aren’t there, and that your presence matters builds you up and makes you feel like you can do anything.

This kind of sounds like home, doesn’t it? Well, in a way it is. This is what happens in an F45 gym—your home away from home.

F45 workouts are done in a group setting. Though the trainers can adapt the workouts to suit your needs and your abilities, the workout is done as a community, which means that you are an integral part of that community. You get to know the trainers and the other members, and you begin to build a new type of family.

What does that look like in the F45 gym? It looks like trainers and fellow gym members cheering you on. It’s camaraderie when workouts are tough. It’s encouragement when you feel you just can’t do one more rep or one more jump. It’s inspiration when you see people overcoming challenges and know that they did it because of the team atmosphere. 

The F45 community is welcoming, accepting, and makes you feel that you matter. And our latest F45 video gives you a glimpse into how unique and special this community is.

Why does F45 do group workouts? We believe that working out as a group is better for you—mentally and physically.

A recent Iowa State University article explains why group workouts are much more effective than working out alone. According to the article, “Past research has shown that people who feel more connected in their exercise class attend more sessions, arrive on time, are less likely to drop out, are more resistant to disruption and are more likely to have greater mental benefits from the exercise.” Simply put, group workouts make it easier to stay motivated and to develop good habits.

And BBC Science Focus reports that studies have found that “when people have a greater sense of ‘groupness’ in an exercise class or setting, they are more likely to have enjoyed it and pushed themselves to greater exertion.”

We wholeheartedly believe this, and that is why F45 workouts are built around you. Our coaches are trained to make the workouts accessible to people of different fitness levels so they can suit your needs and abilities. They push you to achieve your goals, and when you have achieved them, they help you set new goals.

When you enter an F45 gym, you will become part of the family. You will feel like part of the family. And you will want to keep coming back day after day. 

That community feeling is life changing. That is F45.

If you would like to be part of the F45 community, visit our site to find a studio near you.


By: Susan Ciancio


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