F45 Engadine: Life-Changing Training

The words “I can’t” are not in the vernacular of F45 trainers or F45 gym members. Why? Because if they cannot at first do something, they learn how to do it. They conquer their fears, overcome challenges, and continually try until they master the skill.

As you will see in our latest Functional Unleashed video, this is just one of the many life-changing benefits of the F45 community.

Like all F45 gyms, F45 Engadine—located south of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia—boasts some amazing people. We want to introduce you to them in the hopes that you can see yourself in some of them or be inspired by their drive, their ambition, and their ability to overcome life’s difficulties.

Tia is an F45 trainer with a limb disability, but she won’t allow that to stop her from working out, from coaching others, and even from helping people within her community. Tia not only trains gym members, but she is involved with groups to help kids with disabilities see that they can overcome the challenges they face in life. She offers them support, spreads awareness, and assures parents that their children have many great abilities.

Chris is Tia’s brother, and he’s also an F45 trainer. He proudly says that Tia is a “massive inspiration” to his family and to all the people in the gym. When watching Tia interact with gym members and guide them through workouts, it’s easy to see how much everyone looks up to her and how she doesn’t allow her disability to stop her from achieving her goals.

The video then introduces us to Michelle, another trainer at F45 Engadine. She has now been a part of this gym for over 10 years, and she looks back fondly at the life transformations she has seen in members, including people who have stopped needing physical therapy and meds. When speaking about her introduction to F45, she said that the first session was so amazing and she and her husband felt so welcome that they both knew after just one class that F45 was for them.

Now that Michelle is a trainer, she knows how vital trainers are to the F45 community, as they can make or break the workout sessions. She says that each gym needs trainers who can motivate, who help members have fun during the workout sessions, who are knowledgeable, and who have empathy for members and their individual circumstances. That’s why every F45 leadership team takes time choosing staff who want to work with all types of people and who will make everyone—from the least fit to the most fit—feel welcome and included.

As the saying goes, a group is only as strong as its weakest member, so F45 trainers aim to build everybody up, to make everyone feel valued and wanted, and to teach everyone the skills and techniques they need to become physically fit.

For those who are on the fence about joining F45, the trainers at F45 Engadine advise you to just do it. Trainers like Tia understand what it’s like to be scared or to feel intimidated. When she first started, she was scared too. But the welcoming atmosphere of F45, the community feel, and the trainers’ abilities to help her adapt to the workout routines made her realize that she belongs.

We all have challenges in life, but how we react to those challenges is what defines us. We can learn a lot from Tia’s courage. So if you’re unsure about joining F45, find an F45 gym near you and start a trial. When you’re done, we bet that, just like Michelle, you will be hooked after only one class.


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