Deafness Won’t Stop This Coach at F45 Narellan

By Susan Ciancio

F45 workouts are functional, fun, and challenging. Our studios are unique because of how we conduct our 45-minute group workouts. But this isn’t the only reason that F45 is unique. Members at each studio bring their stories, their lives, and their love, and these things together help create a supportive community. The F45 in the town of Narellan in New South Wales, Australia, is no different. In fact, you may say that it’s extra special, as it has a one-of-a-kind community that demonstrates the importance and value of all people, especially a man they call the “soul of the community.”

In our latest F45 spotlight video, we introduce you to a coach who is deaf but who has never let his hearing impairment stop him from achieving his goals. Craig shows us that F45 is more than workouts. It’s a community of people who care about each other and who support each other. It’s a community of men, women, people of all ages, and people of all abilities. It’s a community of people who know and feel that they belong. And the invaluable lessons that they learn from Craig go a long way toward helping them understand that everyone has a gift they can share with others. 

While it may seem unusual to have a fitness coach who is deaf, Craig fits in marvelously and has created alternate ways to communicate with the members. As another coach said, “He communicates with his body better than some trainers communicate with their mouths.”

Through signs, signals, and demonstrations of techniques, Craig is able to easily instruct members in what they need to do. And he does it with an energy, excitement, and happiness that motivates every person who walks in the door of that F45 gym. Those who know him say that he is not only a true leader but an inspiration.

Indeed, Craig has become an integral part of the F45 gym. And the fact that he is deaf and has accomplished so much serves as motivation to members, as they gain strength from his example and learn that they can overcome any challenges they are facing.

This mentality and this camaraderie are what make F45 gyms and the F45 community a truly special place to work out. Membership here means so much more than at a traditional gym, as it’s evident that both the staff and the other members care about each other and strive to help each other become the best possible version of themselves. This is apparent in the way all are treated, and F45 Narellan is truly a special community of people.

If you are not only intrigued by the structure of F45 workouts but also by the community feel, check us out! When you do, you will find that you too will become a valued member of the F45 community. Visit our Find a Studio page to locate an F45 gym near you and begin a membership that will lead to your transformation—both physically and mentally.


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