Determination Reigns at F45 Heidelberg

By Susan Ciancio

Heidelberg, Australia, is known for its beautiful museum of modern art, for its historic buildings, and for its parks. But one of the most impressive things about the city is its F45 and the F45 gym community.

All across the globe, F45 gyms boast amazing people with inspirational stories. Each coach and each member brings something special. And F45 Heidelberg is no different. 

In the latest Functional Unleased video, we introduce you to not only the coaches but to one inspirational member who proves that overcoming your limitations takes determination and a supportive community.

In 2018, Luis suffered some health complications that led to the loss of his left leg. Wanting to take charge of his life and to regain his health and strength, Luis joined the F45 gym a little fearful and not quite knowing what it would entail. What he found was more than he could have hoped for.  

Not only was the staff supportive and compassionate, but they helped adapt the F45 workouts to match his abilities and limitations. And they pushed him to accomplish things he never could have imagined. 

Today, when new members walk in the door and see Luis, they are astounded. Any fears they have about joining the F45 gym seem to dissipate when they realize that their insecurities—whether it’s their weight, their lack of stamina, or their lack of skill—should not hold them back. If Luis can conquer his fears and overcome the loss of his leg and still work out with the group, then they too can overcome their fears.

But it’s not just the inspiration of members like Luis that keeps people walking in the door day after day, it’s the F45 community, the coaches, the amazing group workouts, the sense of accomplishment that members feel after a workout, and the friendships that blossom with each session.

What does F45 mean to the members of F45 Heidelberg? For Luis, it means energy, confidence, and physical and mental strength. He said that from the first moment he walked in the door, he felt right at home, and the kindness exhibited by the coaches and other members has helped him get stronger and healthier. 

For coach Stella—who has even gotten her daughter involved as a coach—it means community, friendship, and love. 

And for her daughter Cath, it means fun, excitement, and a community of people who love and support each other.

Like all F45 gyms, F45 Heidelberg is filled with coaches and members who display that never-give-up attitude. They support one another, they care for one another. They laugh together. And they inspire each other.

Luis now says that he’s moving better than ever because of F45, and he credits the staff and the F45 workouts with helping him surpass his goals.

This is the kind of community that you will find when you walk in the door of an F45 gym

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