F45 Belmont: ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’

By Susan Ciancio

We all have a story, and at the F45 gym in Belmont, Australia, members feel secure enough to share their stories with the coaches and with other members. This is a result of the strong F45 community—a community that values its members, that fosters respect, and that teaches that everyone belongs. 

At F45, we not only offer our members innovative and high-intensity group workouts that are fast, fun, and results driven. We pride ourselves on functional training principles that are designed with you—the member—in mind. Members admit that our workouts are tough, but when they accomplish something new or power through a particularly strenuous workout, they can’t help but feel proud of this accomplishment. But a powerful workout isn’t all that members gain from an F45 gym membership. They also acquire a community.

In our latest highlight video, we introduce you to the F45 gym in Belmont. Through the eyes of a few gym members, you see what their workouts are like, how the F45 membership has helped them physically and emotionally, and the importance of taking care of yourself. 

We hear from a member who became strong enough to extract herself from an abusive relationship. She shares her story with other members to not only gain strength from them but to help them on their journey as well.

We hear from a member who had prostate cancer and who used F45 workouts to help him recover from surgery.

And we hear from the gym owner, who treats each member like a part of the family, who genuinely cares for each one, and who encourages them on their fitness journey.

Together with the other members, these people help create a community where people are happy and where they long to go, even when the workouts are hard. 

We know you have lots going on in your life: work, family, and day-to-day tasks. That’s why time at the F45 gym is so valuable. It’s time to focus on you. And that is one of the things that the members love about an F45 workout. It not only starts the day well, but it invigorates and helps them become a happier version of themselves. 

The Belmont F45 gym owner encourages everyone to take the plunge and join an F45 gym. His reasoning: “Tomorrow never comes,” so start today. We agree. Don’t put off taking care of yourself; do it now. 

And don’t be discouraged by the intensity of the F45 workouts. Coaches can modify the workouts to suit your individual needs. They take into account your goals and where you are on your journey. 

When you view this F45 video, you will see that members are all ages and come in all shapes and sizes. No one is unwelcome, and no one is ever made to feel that they don’t belong. That is the promise of the F45 community.

In the city of Belmont, much of life revolves around the lakefront. This beautiful area is known for its stunning beaches and beautiful parks. Yet one of the greatest features of this city is the F45 gym, where members come together to work out, to laugh, and to build a community.

If these awesome group workouts and the community feel intrigue you, get online and find the F45 gym in your area. Remember, tomorrow never comes, so today is the day to get in shape. Visit our Find a Studio page to locate an F45 gym near you.


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