Meet Ellie, Challenge 21 People’s Champion



  1. Why did you sign up to the F45 Challenge?

I signed up to the challenge as I got to a point where I wasn’t happy or confident physically and mentally. I was training hard but I would never see any results and just kept feeling like I could never win. I knew I was the only person who could change how I feel about myself and knew I had to do something!  The challenge looked incredible when I saw previous results and I thought if they have the guts and determination to do it then so can i.

I wanted to become healthier and become the best version of myself that I could.

  1. What kept you motivated throughout the 8 weeks?

Every time I went into f45 Carrara the trainers would all be there smiling away ready to give us a good burning session, even on the days where i felt so tired and i didn’t want to get out of bed and trust me there was a lot! I asked myself why I started the challenge…And when I wasn’t sure as to why my body was feeling a certain way i would ask the trainers what I should do? They really helped me to push my limits and produce something I didn’t even know was possible for me! I couldn’t have done it without them or my partner pushing me at training sessions.

  1. What advice would you give to the next Challenger?

The best advice I could give is to make sure you have all your meals and snacks prepped for the start of the week! This was a game changer for me! When you are craving food and want to nibble especially in those first few weeks it good to know what you have for the day and if you are in a rush, everything just needs to be heated up or taken straight out the fridge. When your unsure or your questioning yourself on things speak to your trainers! That’s what they are there for and it will help answer any quires! Training wise i would double up on weights days and if my body felt good I would double up on cardio days too but listen to your body if you are tired don’t overtrain.

The most important thing I would say is to believe in the process!!! Trust me it works!!

  1. What was your favourite thing about the F45 Challenge?

I loved the tracking system on the app this really helped me stay accounted for! Also, the meal plan and training sessions were already there for you. All you need to do is trust the process turn up and do the hard work!!

  1. What part about the Challenge did you find most challenging and how did you push through it?

The hardest part was the diet by far and not having a cheeky bite of something when I cooked for others and trying not to cave in! In the first 2 weeks, I was craving food I haven’t even had in years I wanted everything that was bad for me! The detox part from reducing all the sugar in my body was hard because I got headaches and felt tired a lot! I pushed through it because of my trainers they told me how to train and what to eat when I wasn’t feeling good! After the first couple of weeks, I couldn’t really notice much change and wasn’t sure what to expect it wasn’t until the halfway scans, I was so shocked by what I saw and become even more determined to push my limits! From there on it was just a matter of not giving in to food around me and making sure I stay true to myself and remember why I started! I kept my halfway scan on the fridge to remind myself where I came from and where I was not going back too.



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