Stay on Track While Traveling

Whether it’s a sudden work trip or weekend getaway, traveling during the 8-Week Challenge can feel daunting. So here are our tips for staying on track even when you’re halfway around the world:

Pack Wisely

Expect healthy snacks will be few and far between, and add some to your packing list. Having snacks on hand will ensure that you aren’t tempted to reach for sugary alternatives. Keep a small container of nuts and seeds in your bag. They won’t spoil and are full of healthy, satiating fats. Low fructose fruits, vegetable sticks and edamame beans are also great travel-ready options that are full of fiber.

Yay, Buffet 

Hotel buffets are an easy calorie trap. But before you go back for seconds, and thirds, ask yourself this question – would you usually have a bowl of cereal, toast, bacon, eggs and a side of pancakes for breakfast at home? Sometimes it’s just a matter of making the right choices; opt for poached eggs instead of fried, choose plain yogurt over flavored, avoid juices and go for fresh fruit.

Walk it Off

Skip the Uber ride and walk instead. Walking will get you moving and burn more calories, especially if you don’t have access to a gym or have a jam-packed work schedule. Try walking to and from meetings, take the stairs instead of using elevators, or find a scenic spot to hike and explore your surroundings. Booking a hotel with gym access is another great way to keep up your exercise regime if you’re traveling during the Challenge. Most hotel gyms will have a treadmill, dumbbells and some basic gym equipment to knock out a quick workout.

Keep It Simple

Dining out is part of traveling.  Just because you can’t cook your own meals doesn’t mean you can’t make healthy choices to stay on track to achieving your goals. The trick is to keep it simple. Order a grilled steak, chicken or fish with a side of vegetables.  Skip the calorific dressings and instead ask for a side of olive oil to dress your own salad, avoid anything deep-fried or battered, and opt for tomato-based sauces over cream or butter-based sauces.  Remember to practice what you have learned so far about portion sizes from cooking the Challenge recipes or eating the Challenge prepared meals- sticking to similar portion sizes will ensure that you are staying within the meal plan calorie guidelines.

Now take a deep breath and get out there!


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