F45 Hurstville Members Feel a Sense of Belonging

By Susan Ciancio

Take a moment to think about the things you want most in life. Chances are, health, happiness, and friends/family will be among your top choices. If so, you are not alone.

The Pew Research Center confirms that these are some of the things people want most in life. We all want to feel well, to belong, and to have a place to go where we feel comfortable and accepted. 

If you look at your life today, do you see a place like this—somewhere you can go to not only increase your physical health but to boost your mental health as well—or are you in need of such a place?

If you find yourself responding in the affirmative, we have the answer! An F45 gym.

And in a new Functional Unleashed video, F45 gives us a glimpse into the lives of several of its members and trainers in Hurstville, Australia.

Located in New South Wales, F45 Hurstville is home to members of all shapes and sizes, to members with different life stories, and to two sisters who have grown closer because of F45. But biological family aside, all members feel like family to each other.

At F45 Hurstville, members not only benefit immensely from the expertise of the trainers, but the trainers benefit from the members. Maria, one of the F45 coaches, says that she doesn’t think that members quite understand the impact they have on the coaches and their mental health. She says, “They have helped me accept who I am as I am as a coach, as a person, as a team member. They have cleared out the bad stuff and brought in the good stuff.”

Elle, another coach at F45 Hurstville, says, “Our coaches, our team, it’s my family. And because it’s my family it doesn’t feel like a job or work. It’s a part of me.”

The F45 community is so integral to its coaches’ and members’ lives that it truly becomes part of them. The gym has fulfilled the need for health and well-being and for a sense of family.

The very nature of the group workouts is meant to bring people closer together. All members of the F45 community are going through the same workout, yet no one should feel intimidated if some of the workout is difficult. The coaches understand that people have different abilities and limitations, so they can adapt the workouts to suit every member. And they do it in such a way that no one feels ostracized or belittled. Members feel challenged and cared for.

Perhaps these meaningful relationships and this style of teaching is why F45 Hurstville has recently won an award for best fitness service in the St. George area. This says a lot for the gym and its community.

So if you’re looking for that sense of belonging, and if you want to improve your fitness level, look no further than your local F45 gym. As one member advises, “Just jump straight into it and you’ll realize what a community is like” because F45 is “more than just a normal gym.”

Indeed, F45 is a community. It’s a family. And it’s a place where you will not only belong, but you will be—and feel—wanted.

If you’re ready for this life-changing experience, check out our site to find an F45 gym near you and to find your new family away from home.


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