Transformation at F45 La Costa

By Susan Ciancio

The American Heart Association suggests working out with a buddy or joining a group because “seeking out like-minded people will help you make progress and keep you motivated and accountable to your physical activity program.”

This is exactly why F45 gyms have become so popular and so valued by their members!

Sharon is one such member, and she shares her story in a new Functional Unleashed video about F45 La Costa in San Diego, California. In this inspirational video, we see firsthand the transformation that Sharon experienced and we watch as she explains how F45 has become not only a part of her but a part of her daily life.

About a year and a half ago, Sharon walked into that gym looking to take charge of her health. She knew she was overweight, and she feared the dire consequences if she did not start taking care of herself.

Hers is a story that likely resonates with many. You’ve tried dieting and exercising, but day after day, you look in the mirror or hop on the scale hoping for a change, but you don’t really see that your efforts are paying off. You feel frustrated and alone. 

It’s difficult to maintain the focus and motivation necessary to make long-term changes in your exercise routine—especially if you’re doing it all alone. That’s why many people find it so easy to quit. And many people actually do quit.

This lack of activity has led to an increase in obesity in America. In fact, last  year, a Forbes article sent a dire warning: “According to the most recent statistics from the CDC, 41.9% of U.S. adults are obese, a sharp rise from 30.5% in the early 2000s – and the World Health Organization has declared the obesity epidemic a public health crisis, with obese individuals at a higher risk of numerous diseases, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes.”

Working out is vital to our physical and mental health, so if you have been thinking about joining an F45 gym, let Sharon’s story of health and community inspire you. 

Sharon and her daughter joined F45 La Costa together because Sharon wanted to improve her health, lose weight, and increase her stamina. And wow, has she ever! In just about 14 months, she has lost 120 pounds! She feels better, she has participated in one challenge with a desire to do more, and she is achieving goals she never thought possible. 

In fact, Coach Jason at the F45 gym said she’s one of the strongest ladies in class. That’s high praise for a woman who could barely do the exercises a year and a half ago. 

Her drive came from within, but her inspiration came—and continues to come—from the F45 community. There, she says “is a place for everyone” at the gym.

Sharon cannot say enough good things about the F45 community and has said that when she started her journey, this community of people cheering her on gave her hope. Now she says her experience with F45 La Costa means “health and wellness and community.”

Her favorite thing about F45 is that she has been able to see the results. She encourages those who are on the fence about joining to take the plunge, and she happily reminds us that no one is ever alone at F45 gyms. The entire community is there to cheer you on, to help you when you feel that you can go no further, and to motivate you to achieve goals you never thought possible. 

She encourages people to just take that first step and to show up consistently, for when you make it part of your daily routine, you will see the results—both physically and mentally. Sharon feels better now than she has in years, and she attributes it all to F45 La Costa and the amazing community there. 

We know that everyone’s fitness journey looks different, but we also see the results in our members day after day in our F45 gyms. These transformations truly change lives.  

As Sharon says, “Don’t be intimidated.” Just take that first step and see the transformation in you. You can do this!

If Sharon’s story inspired you like it has inspired us, visit our site to find an F45 gym near you!


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