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F45 TRAINING CORAL SPRINGS WEST offers functional group fitness classes, reimagined. We are more than just a gym. We are the total wellness solution for every body. With 5,000+ dynamic, energy-packed movements and over 80 workouts offered, we help you unlock your inner athlete. We are the workout you always wanted with the team you didn’t know you needed. New to F45 Training?

Team Training. Life Changing.


Mark Wahlberg said it best: It’s not about mirrors, mood lights or followers. It’s about what you did with your time. It’s about how you feel when you are finished and who encouraged you along the way. Ready to join the movement?

Team Training. Life Changing.


F45 Training is functional group fitness, with the effectiveness and attention of a certified personal trainer. Our workouts are designed for every body. Join us to find out why we are rated #1 Gym by Men’s Journal in the US and Canstar Blue in Australia.


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Experience the power of F45 CORAL SPRINGS WEST today and start feeling the difference today.



A Healthier Me!
F45CSW is the best HIIT training ever! The challenges & trainers helped me reach my goals. You work hard and have fun at the same time.
A Couple Who Sweat’s Together…… Gets Fit Together
Getting healthy & Fit together at F45CSW.
Weight-loss & fitness goals
F45 Training Coral Springs West helped me achieve my weight & fitness goals since attending my first class in 2018!
Key Elements to My Transformation..
Time, Patience, Focus, Consistency, Dedication & F45 Training Coral Springs West.💪
Healthy & Fit
Challenges are difficult but with the guidance & motivation of Coach Craig and the coaches at F45 Training Coral Springs West, I was able to succeed and reach my goals.
F45CSW is more than a gym…
…it’s my playground, my therapy and my happy place! 💕. Transformations can happen at any age, even at 60+.
F45CSW is a community…
…where we disconnect from our daily lives for 45 minutes and meet like-minded individuals with mutual interest in health and wellness.
Keeps me coming back after 5+ years!
At F45 Training Coral Springs West the workouts are never boring and they still challenge me after all of these years!
Keeps me accountable!
Don’t be intimidated by’s for all fitness levels.The coaches walk you through the workout, correct your form and modify as needed.
F45CSW changed my thoughts on physical fitness
I am grateful for the F45CSW family. You guys are my inspiration! Thank you for the amazing family you created!
Workouts are even more fun with friends!
We’ve made an amazing group of friends “amigos” at F45CSW where we encourage and push each other daily!
I never stuck to a gym or workout routine before…
…until my husband enrolled me for a trial at F45CSW. Now, over 1000+ classes since my first workout, in 3/2020, this is a way of life for me!
I’m fitter & stronger, that’s why I F45! 💪
My body fat has decreased a staggering 12% and my muscle mass increased tremendously. I am proud to be a positive example to my son.


Hands down the BEST gym I have ever been to!!! I’ve been an F45’er here at F45 Training Coral Springs West for 3 years and it truly is an amazing community with awesome coaches, a true judge free zone for all ages. Incredible mix of music, different workout exercises, equipment is set up for you daily. Challenges our offered to help you meet you goals and surround yourself with like-minded people on similar journeys. I would give this review 10 stars if I could!
Jennifer G.
Coral Springs/Parkland, FL
I’ve exceeded 1,000 classes and I still LOVE it! ❤️ Says a lot for the coaches and community! The workouts always change which keeps me engaged and challenged with no room for boredom. I can’t say enough about Coach Craig, F45CSW’s owner and operator, and the trainers. All top notch and they keep things moving and motivating. The program has a completely holistic approach, focusing on nutrition and exercise!! F45 Training Coral Springs West is more than a gym, it’s an encouraging community. Try it, you’ll love it!!
Katherine D.
Coconut Creek, FL
I LOVE F45 Training Coral Springs West! I’ve been to other locations and this one by far is the best! The people are very friendly and the trainers are attentive and care about their members. You’ve got to try it!
Denise P
Coconut Creek, FL
F45 Training Coral Springs West is THE BEST gym ever! I love the coaches! Classes are structured. As I say, we do not have to think, all exercises are laid out for us. A family environment. For someone who is not disciplined to keep a routine this is the best option. For people like me who like structure it works great! I LOVE IT 😍
Cristina A.
Coral Springs, FL
F45 @ Coral Springs West is simply THE BEST!! The trainers are AWESOME… I love it 💪🏼
Evelyn T.
Coral Springs, FL
F45 Training Coral Springs West is more than a gym – it’s a community of awesome, supportive individuals trying to achieve the same goals! The 45-minute workouts are great and the coaches are even better! I look forward to my workouts every day! Best FitFam in town! 🙌🏼
Sandra U.
Coral Springs, FL
I’ll admit, it’s a struggle sometimes to get out of bed before sunrise to hit the gym. However, F45 Training Coral Springs West makes it worth it! The workouts are always challenging, and the music is jammin’ too! There’s an array of weights and equipment at each station, and modifications of exercises enable you to work out at a pace and skill level suitable for each individual. After 45-minutes, the sweat is dripping, and the endorphin rush makes you feel ready to conquer the day ahead.
Victoria W.
Coral Springs, FL
I have never been able to maintain a consistent workout regime due to lack of entertainment. Coach Craig and his awesome team make each workout not only fun, but challenging! They do this in a way that makes you work you @$$ off but without feeling like you are putting your body in danger of injury. Workouts change daily and keeps your body guessing.
Michael T.
Coconut Creek, FL
The best gym ever! I have tried them all. Excellent, knowledgeable, and real coaches! Very fun and encouraging environment. Great music! Nutrition consults available and free unlimited body scans with membership. If you have questions, or need support, they genuinely care about your goals and are always happy to help. Some days I want to talk and socialize, some days I want to be in a personal zone and get in and get out. They are great at reading their members, and no matter my mood or level of interaction, I always feel better when I leave. I cannot say enough about F45 Training Coral Springs West constant variety of workouts, and the owner Coach Craig and his team.
Michelle G.
Coral Springs, FL
My turn! Where do I start? I am beyond GRATEFUL to be a part of this AMAZING fitfam. Yes, F45 is innovative and fun but add F45CSW’s owner & coaches and it is just beyond expectations! I tried traditional gyms, home workouts, excessive cardio, but nothing pushed my limits like F45CSW did. All the members also motivate & inspired me! Last but not least if you’re a person that battles with mental health, trust me this will be THERAPY. A healthy lifestyle is not just what you can do for the outside. You’ll be creating good habits, routines & new friends without even realizing it. Coach Craig will teach you what real fitness is about. You’ll learn your body composition and so much more! If you read to this point and want to hear more, ask me 🙂 LOL I could keep going for hours! Thank you F45CSW.
Fabia Y.
Coral Springs, FL
Great place to build your strength. Amazing coaches. Friendly family atmosphere. And the most important factor is the program works!!!!!!! Strongly suggest you try it!
Tatiana K.
Tamarac, FL
If you’re used to sitting at a gym and wasting time on your cell phone thinking that you’re getting a workout in and seeing no results… then, you need to try F45 Training Coral Springs West. In just 45-mins, you get a full body coached workout at a state-of-the-art facility and pro coaches that will ensure you take advantage of the time spent.
Luis P. A.
Tamarac, FL
The F45 Training Coral Springs West experience has been nothing short of a complete success! Before my re-location to South Florida I rarely worked out but found the F45CSW workout is exactly what I needed. This well rounded training hitting all the muscle groups has given me the push to a healthier life style. I am a proud member of F45 since 2019 and definitely will continue my fitness journey with all great trainers and my FitFam! Go F45CSW!!! 😎🏝💪
Eric N.
Coral Springs, FL
My husband and I love F45 Training Coral Springs West!!! We are hooked. The classes are amazing and the coaches are the best!!!! I highly recommend joining this gym. Never a boring class and always so much fun.
Leah S.
Parkland, FL
F45 West Coral Springs is more than a Gym. This is my healthy family, my inspiration and motivation everyday. Craig, owner/operator, and the Coaches are like no other. They truly care and are always there for you ALWAYS! Thank you guys, I found my fit family and crew. I just want to say THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU!
Carla S. A.
Parkland, FL
I love this place! They are my home away from home! Exercise life forever!!! I love Coach Craig and all the coaches!! The music is awesome and the trainers really care about you and your success. The really is a Fit for Life family. This gym changed my life!!! If you want to lose weight and look great, this is the place! I feel awesome and have more energy. Thank you!
Candace B.
Coral Springs, FL
By far the best facility around! This location is awesome. It’s clean and well laid out. The trainers are incredible. They create a great vibe and it shows. The members are the best as well. The 45-min training goes super fast and you really enjoy doing it. Everyday is a new training, so it is never boring.
Gene P.
Coral Springs, FL
F45CSW has changed my whole life! I walked in with a trial and am now part of a whole community! Since joining F45 Training Coral Springs West I feel like I gained a whole community as family and people I can honestly call friends. F45CSW keeps me motivated and keeps me going. I can write a book about how great this place is! From the first time I met Coach Craig (owner) he is so passionate about what he does 🙂 ! The whole team is awesome and so helpful. Since I started in April 2021 I am down 30pounds & lost 12% body fat. I LOVE this Place 💜
Lulu N.
Coral Springs, FL
Whoooaaaa!!!! I’m finally in love. This gym is so amazing! As someone who doesn’t enjoy working out, F45CSW makes working out fun. All of the workouts are only 45-mins and they blare the best music overhead while you’re working out. You’re in and out just like that. All of the workouts are already planned out for you and setup in stations. You don’t have to think-just give it your all! They have so many class times that will work with any schedule. It’s convenient and it’s a quick & efficient workout. Yes, the workouts are challenging-(I will not lie) however, if it doesn’t challenge you- it won’t change you. The people are nice and the trainers are very supportive and they all want to see you reach your goals! I I’m glad I checked them out for myself! I’m telling all my friends!
Angel C.
Coral Springs, FL
From the moment I walked in the door I could feel the energy of this place! The owner, Coach Craig, and staff are genuinely welcoming, the workouts are fun and the variety makes the time go by super fast. They change it up every day so you never get bored. I LOVE F45 Training Coral Springs West!
Jonna S.
Parkland, FL
If you want to sweat, F45 Training Coral Springs West is the place! If you need help with nutrition, this is the place! If you “Don’t want to Think” & “Just Get It Done”, this is the place! Leaving here with the sense of accomplishment makes you only want to go back the next day for more. This is the place to be the BEST VERSION OF YOU!
Denisse W.
Parkland, FL
Best gym in Broward County! Always super clean and everyone is so friendly. The coaches always greet me with a smile and push me through the workouts.
Adam P.
Coral Springs, FL
I recently joined the F45 Training Coral Springs West family and absolutely LOVE IT! The workouts are never the same so I never get bored. The entire staff is great and they make sure you are doing the exercises correct to avoid injuries. I highly recommend F45CSW to anyone looking for a gym!
Tonya M.
Coral Springs, FL
Great workout, great people, and best instructors! Best HIIT in Coral Springs/Parkland! 💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️
Kimberly R.
Parkland, FL
BEST GYM EVER! Coaches are super knowledgeable, friendly and energetic… I LOVE IT HERE at F45 Training Coral Springs West!
Luciana T.
Parkland, FL
I LOVE F45 Training Coral Springs West!! The energy, the coaches, the music and how every workout is so different! 10/10! 🙂
Natalie A.
Coral Springs, FL
F45 Training Coral Springs West has become my therapy…my playground. The workouts are amazing, the energy extraordinary and the coaches are professional. If you are looking for a great gym with great workouts and results come visit the F45CSW family.
Alma P.
Coral Springs, FL
Great coaches and killer workout! ……………. WARNING: ADDICTIVE, YOU MAY GET IN GREAT SHAPE! 😉
Benjamin S.
Coral Springs, FL
Me encanta! Estoy feliz después de 3 años sin poder hacer ejercicio. Estoy cautelosamente recuperando mi peso y mi fuerza gracias a la guía de los mejores entrenadores! Son un equipo espectacular!!! Y el ambiente en el gimnasio es tan cordial, compañerismo!! Estoy feliz de haber llegado a F45 Training Coral Springs West ♥️💪🏻…. [I’m loving it! I am so happy after 3 years without being able to exercise! I am cautiously regaining my weight & my strength thanks to the very best trainers. They are a spectacular team!!! Everyone is so cordial and the camaraderie is amazing! I’m happy to have found F45CSW.♥️💪🏻]
Gisela V.
Parkland, FL
F45 Training Coral Springs West is AMAZING! I can’t imagine going anywhere else for my workouts. They adhere to every fitness level, with fun cardio and strength sessions. I 💜 F45 CSW!!
Christine L.
Coral Springs, FL
F45 Training Coral Springs West is exactly what I need to get back in shape. It’s a very friendly environment, the coaches are attentive and kind, workouts are 45 minutes and they take all the guess work out of getting in shape. Very happy I decided to join. My energy levels and overall mental health have changed drastically in one month.
Nikki S.
Coral Springs, FL
I love it!!!!!!! F45 Training Coral Springs West is a a gym that exceeds my expectations 😃😃😃 100% The best! – [Spanish: Me encanta!!!!!!! F45 Training Coral Springs West es un gym que supere mis expectativas 😃😃😃 100% El mejor]
Andreina Z.
Parkland/Coral Springs, FL
The environment is clean and organized. The coaches are amazing, attentive and care. Energy is electric!!⚡️💪
Coral Springs, FL


F45 trainers are in a league of their own, delivering the expert guidance and unconditional support of a one-on-one personal trainer. Get to know the F45 trainers near you before your next F45 class.

Craig Hopson
Head Trainer, Owner, Studio Manager
Jason Eastman
Kim Bergstrom
Sam Lacayo
Tanya Stubblefield