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F45 TRAINING SOUTH ASHEVILLE offers functional group fitness classes, reimagined. We are more than just a gym. We are the total wellness solution for every body. With 5,000+ dynamic, energy-packed movements and over 80 workouts offered, we help you unlock your inner athlete. We are the workout you always wanted with the team you didn’t know you needed. New to F45 Training?

Team Training. Life Changing.


Mark Wahlberg said it best: It’s not about mirrors, mood lights or followers. It’s about what you did with your time. It’s about how you feel when you are finished and who encouraged you along the way. Ready to join the movement?

Team Training. Life Changing.


F45 Training is functional group fitness, with the effectiveness and attention of a certified personal trainer. Our workouts are designed for every body. Join us to find out why we are rated #1 Gym by Men’s Journal in the US and Canstar Blue in Australia.


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Fitness and Friends
F45 gives you the ability to tailor workouts to your fitness level without judgment; where I began six years ago and where I am now are drastically different. The music, the trainers, the camaraderie and the encouragement make F45 a truly special place. My day isn’t complete without my F45 regimen. Join us; you’ll discover new fitness and new friends! – Brandie Huffman “Huff”
Self-care and Strength
After three consecutive pregnancies, it was time to “do me!” F45 assisted my health, fitness and weight loss journey in BIG WAYS! I have been successful in losing weight, gaining tone and strength and returning to my previous mental and physical state. F45 made all this possible. – Hilary Paynich 1.5-year strong F45 member
Accountability and Inspiration
I’ve been a member of F45 since April of 2019 and over the years it’s helped me rediscover my passions, as well as myself! I went to school for Health and Fitness Science with the goal of becoming a trainer. However, circumstances led me to switch majors and lose my passion for fitness. Later on, a close friend and I tried our first F45 class. It was a 6am 3-peat class, but what I remember the most was the energy from the coach and seeing how interactive everyone was. I was looking for a community aspect and joining was the easiest decision. F45 is so unique because everyone at all levels of age and fitness can do it. All you have to do is show up. I went from overweight to the best shape of my life from working out with F45 alone. I am so thankful for my F45 community and hope my story can inspire others. – Austin Metcalf
Stronger Survivor
I have been involved in fitness as an instructor, personal trainer and participant for almost 40 years. IN all those years, F45 has been such a highlight for me in so many ways. The workouts are amazing– structured, well planned, all body parts and in and out in 45 minutes, but BY FAR, the best part of F45 is the fact that we are a fit “family” in our gym. We support each other and make each other better. A couple of years ago, after a scary cancer diagnosis, my F45 family made it clear to me that I didn’t fight alone and welcomed me back with open arms when I was able to return. An F45 class is adult playground/recess time while also making ourselves stronger and fitter! – Karen Whiting
Body Transformation
I started F45 in October 2022 after my wife said to me, “Hey I found this really cool gym and I’m joining and guess what you’re coming with me.” I did a week trial, and I really enjoyed the exercise but the incredible energy of the trainers, the music and the community-based gym is what got me to join. I’ve always been an athlete and kept in shape throughout the years, but once I joined F45 I did something I haven’t done in a while, I actually wrote down my fitness goals, put on my blinders and got to work. All the trainers at F45 knew my goals and held me accountable. They pushed me to new limits and they motivated me tremendously. “No excuses, get going, hang on, add more weight, and don’t give up now” are all actual quotes from the trainers. As a serial entrepreneur, I knew the value in an ROI (return on investment) and at F45 your ROI is in your own hands. You control is while F45 provides everything you need to be successful in your fitness journey. You go at your own pace, and you don’t need to be in shape, you just need to commit. F45 changed my life! The health benefits from working out are more than just physical. It helps with mind clarity, and I now find it easier to focus. My body has gone through a complete transformation. My weight has gone done by 41 pounds, my BMI and body fat percentage is the same as it was in college and my muscles are more defined! But my absolute favorite thing about F45 is the people. Everyone is there to help and push each other. Thank you, Ellen Chacon, for getting me off the couch and thank you Danielle, Cherish, Ellen, Caroline, Madison, Heather, Horia a.k.a H and Matt. You guys have changed my life. For anyone looking to join I will leave you with this, give yourself 90 days, your life will change for the better!


I have been at F45 South Asheville since June 2017. I appreciate how the trainers will help when you need to modify an exercise. You can adjust the workouts to fit your ability, and no one judges you for it. All members will help and encourage you. No other gym would make it possible for me to get the same amount of exercise and burn as many calories in only 45 minutes.
Randall Isner
F45 South Asheville
1,200+ classes and 4 years later. I’ve never felt mentally and physically stronger until becoming part of my F45 fitfam. They have set the foundation to change my life drastically! The trainers truly want you to get the best out of your workout, they know your limits and will challenge you or show you modifications.
Domonique Lobdell
F45 Training South Asheville
F45 is honestly the best gym around. I have been a member for several years and will not go anywhere else. The trainers are incredible and willing to always help! They motivate me each class and keeps me coming back. F45 has been a blessing for my mental and physical health.
Krista Aycock
F45 Training South Asheville
5 years and over a thousand classes later, F45 South Asheville is hands down the best choice I’ve made for my personal fitness. Home to a friendly, upbeat team who make me actually want to go train. I look forward to walking through the doors and always feel amazing when I leave. I train 6-7 times a week and find the consistent positive trainers, awesome music and participants who take class create a perfect workout environment. It’s a hard, rewarding workout with happy, motivated people!
Cody Merriman
F45 South Asheville
F45 has not only provided the mental and physical health I was looking for, but it has also given me a community of friends I cherish.
Nicole Gasperson
F45 South Asheville
WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT! At 73 years old, I ran 20 miles per week, and biked 2-3 days, every week. I ran my first NYC marathon at 50 and subsequently did 3 more. I was in pretty good shape, for age 73 and better physical shape than most 50-year-olds. My annual doctor visits, and tests, were; well for the most part, good and normal, (I say for the most part, there was always 1-2 things to watch), but I WAS BORED. I stumbled upon F45 while searching for something different to do. I tried all the others, and they were either repetitive and boring, or too easy or too difficult. I tried F45, and wow, I loved it! At first, it’s was one class a week, then two, then three, then four and now, five! I absolutely cannot wait to go every day. Who would have thought; I’ve made friends, and workout companions, and as an added bonus; my cholesterol went down, my blood pressure went down, and I feel better than I have since I was 25, (well maybe not 25 but close). So, I am thrilled to be part of the F45 family.
Francis Strazzella
F45 Training South Asheville


F45 trainers are in a league of their own, delivering the expert guidance and unconditional support of a one-on-one personal trainer. Get to know the F45 trainers near you before your next F45 class.

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