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F45 TRAINING ROWVILLE offers functional group fitness classes, reimagined. We are more than just a gym. We are the total wellness solution for every body. With 5,000+ dynamic, energy-packed movements and over 80 workouts offered, we help you unlock your inner athlete. We are the workout you always wanted with the team you didn’t know you needed. New to F45 Training?

Team Training. Life Changing.


Mark Wahlberg said it best: It’s not about mirrors, mood lights or followers. It’s about what you did with your time. It’s about how you feel when you are finished and who encouraged you along the way. Ready to join the movement?

Team Training. Life Changing.


F45 Training is functional group fitness, with the effectiveness and attention of a certified personal trainer. Our workouts are designed for every body. Join us to find out why we are rated #1 Gym by Men’s Journal in the US and Canstar Blue in Australia.


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After 3 years and 500+ classes into F45, my mental and physical health have drastically improved.
My focus is building stamina and endurance to combat multiple sclerosis. I’m 61 and in the best shape of my life.
I’ve lost 187 lbs since my very first workout in 2021. F45 has become the most joyful place in my life.
Through F45, I have lost 13 lbs of fat, gained 4 lbs of muscle and descreased my body fat by 6%.
Three years ago I got cancer. It was my F45 family and friendships that got me through it. My team is always there for me.


My son and I have been attending classes at F45 Rowville together for the past few months, and the experience has been extraordinary. As a parent, finding ways to connect and bond with your child can be challenging as they venture into their teenage years, but from the moment we stepped into F45 Rowville, the welcoming atmosphere and the energy radiating from the trainers and fellow members made us feel right at home. The workouts are intense, fun, and perfect for any fitness level, allowing us to challenge ourselves while still enjoying our time together (he loves to “beat” me)! As we sweat, laugh, and occasionally groan through the workouts, we are strengthening our bodies and our relationship. These shared experiences have opened new channels of communication and understanding between us at a time when I thought he would be pulling away, not leaning in. Dan and the team at F45 Rowville are exceptional. They have an innate ability to motivate and encourage everyone in the room while keeping the workouts fresh and engaging. They strike a balance between pushing us to our limits and understanding our individual needs. It’s clear that they genuinely care about our progress and are invested in our success. We love our time together at F45 and look forward to each session. If you’re searching for a fun, challenging, and rewarding activity to share with your teenager, F45 Rowville should be at the top of your list!
Prior to joining Dan and the team at F45 Rowville, I was grieving the loss of my dad and my mental health was suffering. I knew I needed to make changes for my children, husband and myself. From my very first session the trainers were so incredibly welcoming, encouraging and supportive. They took the time to connect with me and understand why I was there. In a few short weeks I’d realised that this was a community and a gym. All the trainers genuinely care about my well-being journey and are my biggest cheer squad when any little milestones are reached. I’ve lost far, gained muscle mass, I sleep better, I’m more aware of the food I eat, I’m happier in my work and personal life and I’m being a better role model for my kids. I’m a mum in my mid 40’s (that hurts to say) and I’ve finally found the fitness routine that works for me. I even won an 8 week challenge along the way. I now look forward to my daily session with the other members who love a bit of banter and are simply a great bunch of people to sweat and laugh with. I wish I could say that I’m back to my “old self” but I can’t… I’m EVEN BETTER! Thanks F45 for changing my life – Suzy
Suzy D
I’m 1 year in. I love my gym for so many reasons – So many class time options, I like the 9:30am or 12:15pm while my kids are in school. I have also been able to bring my youngest son while I train (kinder age, he sits quietly in the adjacent foyer) to allow me to increase the number of days I train. The classes – I was nervous before I joined, but it is definitely for all abilities and you can go at your own pace. The classes are easy to follow and the community at F45 Rowville are very welcoming and encouraging. The coaches – they just radiate positivity, every day, in every class. When they’re not coaching, they’re training alongside us in class, which speaks to their belief in this style of training. The 8 week challenges – the body scan and appointment with Dan taught me so much about nutrition. He helped me to set goals, and the challenge timeframe kept me motivated to achieve them – and then I won a challenge! It was very rewarding seeing the results of my hard work. If you’re looking for a gym, I highly recommend F45 Rowville to everyone. Be warned though, it is addictive!
Emily W
I wanted to use the 8 week challenge to reset and re-establish good fitness routines and eating habits. Speaking with Dan at the outset really helped to focus my goals and put a plan in place to achieve them in the challenge timeframe. Dan and the team were terrific in assisting me at every step to ensure I reached my goals. At the end of the 8 weeks, I am super happy with the results and pleased that I was able to follow Dan’s advice to achieve my goals. I have been able to build good habits based around consistent training and healthy eating and the F45 team were supportive and encouraging along the way. I would definitely recommend giving f45 a go!
Cam C
F45 Rowville
Prior to joining F45 Rowville I had been working out on and off and had tried several gyms before but failed at consistency. Once I joined F45 Rowville I was amazed at the community. All the members are very friendly and welcoming. Dan and the team of trainers have been nothing but amazing. Always there to help you, guide you and work with you to achieve your goals. The workouts are different every day and are very enjoyable. Some days I don’t even know where the 45 minutes goes, thanks to the tunes, banter and variety of workouts. I think thats what’s helped me stay consistent. I truly appreciated Dan’s time In helping me calculate my macros and working through my goals in this last challenge. I achieved results I never thought was possible in 8 weeks. Since starting F45 Rowville I have been the happiest, healthiest and strongest in my life. Cant thank them or recommend them highly enough!
Bianca N
F45 Rowville
Where do i start talking about F45 Rowville, at the beginning…from my first phone call enquiring about joining to stepping into F45 Rowville it felt right and was absolutely right for me. From the beginning I was made to feel welcome by the coaches who greeted me with a welcome smile, they knew my name & remembered it, Dan the coach & owner & the members, who have now become friends. It is such a happy, healthy environment to train, motivate yourself & others & learn about weights, nutrition & a healthy lifestyle but it is more importantly, a community of people who support, validate & encourage each other, we never know what a smile, a kind word of encouragement, a how are you going, can mean to someone and for all these reasons I am proud to be a F45 Rowville member. Well done to Dan and your team, your mum would be proud of the community you have built & belong to.
F45 Rowville
Dan and his amazing team of coaches have created an environment for all abilities that gets results. With Dans extensive knowledge of nutrition and training along with support and encouragement from coaches at each session F45 Rowville is the place to train. I have seen incredible results physically and mentally, none of which would have been possible without Dan, all the coaches, my amazing daughters (training buddies) also special shout out to the 5am &5.50am classes your energy and enthusiasm each morning is infectious. Keep up the great work 👍
F45 Rowville
I could not recommend Dan and his incredible team of coaches at F45 Rowville enough. From the start, they’ve provided endless support and guidance to help me achieve my health and fitness goals, both mental and physical. F45 Rowville is more than just a gym, it’s a community, and you’re not just another member, you’re part of a team. With a highly supportive team of coaches and their extensive knowledge, you know you’re in the best hands possible to achieve your goals.
Bianca O
F45 Rowville


F45 trainers are in a league of their own, delivering the expert guidance and unconditional support of a one-on-one personal trainer. Get to know the F45 trainers near you before your next F45 class.

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