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F45 TRAINING DEPAUL offers functional group fitness classes, reimagined. We are more than just a gym. We are the total wellness solution for every body. With 5,000+ dynamic, energy-packed movements and over 80 workouts offered, we help you unlock your inner athlete. We are the workout you always wanted with the team you didn’t know you needed. New to F45 Training?

Team Training. Life Changing.


Mark Wahlberg said it best: It’s not about mirrors, mood lights or followers. It’s about what you did with your time. It’s about how you feel when you are finished and who encouraged you along the way. Ready to join the movement?

Team Training. Life Changing.


F45 Training is functional group fitness, with the effectiveness and attention of a certified personal trainer. Our workouts are designed for every body. Join us to find out why we are rated #1 Gym by Men’s Journal in the US and Canstar Blue in Australia.


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Scott Coogan, 1st F45 DePaul Member
F45 motivates me to push further, which in turn, impacts my mood, energy levels, and overall confidence.
Alec Brown, F45 Member & Coach
I’ve become stronger and more lean than I’ve ever been in my entire life thanks to F45!
Andi Nurul, F45 Member & Client Relations Manager
I’m an F45 member for 4+ years. As an ex pro waterpolo player, I LOVE the motivation it gives me!


F45 Depaul is one of the best F45 studios in town! It’s spacious and very well equipped. As for the classes, F45 never has any boring workouts and it keeps you pump yourself! Always a good feeling after working out here. Will definitely recommend.
Andi Nurul
F45 Training DePaul
Coach Levi has been a huge part of my positive experience at F45! All of the coaches go the extra mile to make sure that I get the most out of my workouts. They take the time to explain each exercise and provide modifications to make sure that everyone can participate. The classes are challenging, but a lot of fun and the high-energy atmosphere and variety of exercise keeps me engaged and motivated throughout the workout. I highly recommended F45 DePaul 🙂
Chatham Cabelka
F45 Training DePaul
F45 DePaul is incredible. When I moved to Bucktown I wasn’t sure which gym I wanted to join, so I did a 7-day trial, and ended up joining right away. The coaches, especially Levi and Zeeshan are extremely knowledgeable, not only about the workouts, but about the human body/muscles. There have been multiple times where they have shown me different lifts/stretches to help with various issues I was having. Besides the great workouts and people, the gym is a great bang for your buck, and this F45 location has free parking, which is huge. Can’t say enough good things about this gym.
Ryan Fischer
F45 Training DePaul
My favorite place! F45 is such a welcoming place no matter where you are in your fitness journey. The workouts are always changing and are sure to keep you on your toes. You’re always greeted by incredible certified trainers and they always push you to meet your goals. I love how Coach Levi always brings awareness to my form and technique and how coach Zeeshan is always able to find more fun and challenging modifications to the exercises! Couldn’t recommend this studio more!
F45 Training DePaul
Started coming to f45 about 8 months ago and it’s one of the only programs I haven’t gotten bored with. I go to classes mainly with Levi and he’s such a great instructor! Really good at teaching us about proper form, etc. while also just being an enjoyable person to spend 45 minutes with throughout the week! Highly recommend this studio!!!
Eva Walsh
F45 Training DePaul
Very welcoming environment for all fitness levels. The coaches are knowledgeable, friendly, and adapt to each member’s needs by providing alternate exercises/form correction tips. I’ve trained at 7 different gyms in Chicago and this is my favorite.
Michael Cunico
F45 Training DePaul
F45 DePaul has positively changed my lifestyle habits since opening in July 2022. From the beginning, Head Coach Levi encouraged me to focus on my posture and form, which has greatly improved my strength. His positive attitude is infectious. He is great in modifying workouts for members with small or large injuries. I can always count on Coach Zeeshan to bring the heat to each workout and push me to my limits in a motivating way. I am proud to belong to the F45 community!
Sami Forsythe
F45 Training DePaul
Workouts are awesome and every day is different so it keeps it fun over time. Coaches are great and go around correcting your form to prevent injuries. I started here at the tail end of my ACL surgery recovery and the coaches helped me modify the workouts to account for my limitations and lack of strength. Highly recommended!
Edwin Salazar
F45 Training DePaul
I love F45!! All the F45 coaches are very knowledgeable and create a comfortable environment! Coach Levi has helped me perfect my form and is always there when I need help/assistance. I highly recommend F45! F45 is for everyone!
cindy castro
F45 Training DePaul
I love F45 DePaul! The coaches are amazing. Levi and Zeeshan are extremely supportive and helpful. The studio is always clean and the equipment is updated. As a hairstylist, I have long days on my feet and sometimes I have lower back pain. The coaches have helped me modify exercises and given me helpful stretches to do at home. I highly recommend F45 DePaul for those with a busy schedule. They have morning, afternoon, evening and weekend classes. My favorite part about the studio is the sense of community. I feel so comfortable in class as if I’m working out with a group of friends!
Dalia Gibbs
F45 Training DePaul
I had the honor of being the 1st member at this location when it opened in 2022 and I’ve been going consistently every week since it first opened. I credit this consistency to a number of factors, among which are the incredible staff who work here. Levi, Zeeshan, Cathleen, and Sami are all great trainers who are all knowledgeable, motivational, and engaged with the members. The workouts themselves are challenging but varied in both timing and exercise type. The studio is spacious with a large variety of machines and equipment which helps to keep things fun and diverse when it comes to muscle groups targeted. The studio is also located conveniently in a shopping plaza which means plenty of parking that makes it ideal to get to. Anyone considering a workout that both challenges and rewards you should look into joining this location for all the reasons mentioned above. Whether you’re new, intermediate, or a long time athlete, this F45 location will get you where you want to go.
Scoot Coogan
F45 Training DePaul
So glad I joined F45! In just one class, Levi was able to detect postural challenges I have and suggest some exercises. It’s so nice to work with such observant and committed coaches!
Juliet E
F45 DePaul
Levy is the best!!! I was so hesitant to go into working out since my back has been killing me for a bit (I have sciatica flareups). I was so scared since I knew this was a HIIT based workout form, since I started coming into f45, Levy has modified so many of my workouts to make sure my back isn’t affected and on top of everything gave me so many stretches to do at home that helped me relief some of the pain. This studio is also super clean and parking is always available which is a plus in the city.
Subanti Mortuza
F45 DePaul Training
My favorite fitness plan! I did it for my wedding a while back and lost 4inches around my waist in the 2 months leading up to it. Now I’m back post babies!! The weight lifting classes are my jam! They truly work. Also each class flies by and is so varied every week that it’s just refreshing to go to class. The coaches are all very friendly and helpful. Levi rocks! I highly recommend.
Goda Olin
F45 Training DePaul
F45 is where it’s at. I love the whole concept! It’s like having a personal trainer. When I first started I was very weak in my upper body, now I’m doing heavier weights and feel stronger. Great coaches, great concept, great classes. Highly recommend!!
Juliana Rubio
F45 Training DePaul
Highly recommend F45 DePaul. Coaches are very knowledgeable, able to modify workouts for injuries, and guide you to meet your fitness goals. Head Coach Levi is incredibly experienced in helping deal with pain management and and has helped improve my strength and stability. The workouts change often which keeps motivation to meet your goals high.
Anooj Shah
F45 DePaul Training
Workouts are a blast. Levi and Zeeshan are great coaches! If you’re into HIIT, or looking for something to break up your normal routine of lifting at the gym, give this a try. Love the pace of the workouts and the variety you get coming on different days of the week. Lost 7lbs in 6 weeks.
Frank Ferris
F45 Training DePaul
I’ve been going to this gym for 6 months and I feel stronger and my cardiovascular endurance has improved tremendously. I attribute these achievements partly to the awesome coaches that are highly motivating while also correcting our form. The gym is very clean and spacious! My experience has been great all around.
Lysdel Tellez
F45 Training DePaul
F45 DePaul is one of the best!! Levi is awesome and always provides perspective on how to get the most out of each workout. The facility is larger than most f45s around! Highly recommend!!
Layne Kluska
F45 Training DePaul
F45 is amazing! I signed up about a month ago and have been obsessed (never thought I’d say that about a workout). My favorite part is that no two workouts are the same and they seem to fly by, even when they challenge you. Also – Coach Levi is awesome and super helpful!
Mary Liberty
F45 Training DePaul
Love F45 De Paul! The trainers are amazing at keeping you accountable and executing at your max potential. Very knowledgeable and motivating. The space is great and comfortable and workouts are challenging but at the same time adaptable to all levels or needs. Highly recommend it! Shoutout to Zee, Adam, Sammy and Cathleen who always make me feel welcome and do my best.
Tania Negrón Vélez
F45 Training DePaul
I have been training at F45 DePaul for 4 months now and I cannot recommend it enough. Classes are amazing, coaches are highly experienced and knowledgeable. The mix of cardio and resistance trainings make the experience fit for all preferences.
Nicolas Giunta
F45 Training DePaul
From the second I walked in the door for my first class, Levi made me feel extremely welcome. It’s very apparent that he has a lot of knowledge and experience in fitness. I plan to continue going to F45 for my fitness goals and highly recommend this location to anyone!
Annie Brown
F45 Training DePaul
Love the format of F45 workouts – I’ve never been a group fitness kind of gal until I came to F45. They switch things up each week so it never gets boring and have good music to keep me pumped. Shout out to Coach Levi for his cueing and knowledge of how to modify exercises to make thing more or less challenging!
Jessica Beyer
F45 Training DePaul
I first experienced F45 in California a few years ago and loved their format. When i moves to Chicago I was pleased to find out they have locations here as well. I recently joined the DePaul location and couldn’t be happier. The space is huge and clean and the trainers are all attentive and helpful. I highly recommend this.
Beverly Mejia
F45 Training DePaul
My fiancé and I have been going to F45 DePaul since September 2022. We came from a very similar gym and were looking for the community based atmosphere our past gym offered. We found exactly that and more within F45. Whether it is Levi or Zeeshan, they know when to push us and how far. We have loved F45 and have been seeing great results, both mentally and physically! ❤️💙
Madeline McElroy
F45 Training DePaul
F45 is an awesome workout and never gets stale. Shoutout to Zeeshan for being a great trainer who constantly motivates everyone in class to challenge themselves. He always brings the positive energy which is especially needed at the early morning classes throughout the week!
Vanessa Iverson
F45 Training DePaul
I’ve been at F45 DePaul since they opened and have really loved it! I like that all I have to do is show up for class and the rest is handled by the coaches, who are all fantastic! They take the time to tweak your form, provide guidance, and ensure that you don’t injure yourself.
Eddie Rajcevic
F45 Training DePaul
I have been going here for the last 6 months. They have great coaches, atmosphere, and workouts. Highly recommended. Plus it has a parking lot so no tickets/feeding the meters.
Chris Palmer
F45 Training DePaul
attentive coaches, fun classes, and a very efficient workout! I always enjoy my time at F45 DePaul 🙂
Juliette Johnson
F45 Training DePaul
All the coaches are great! Place is very clean. Coach Levi is awesome and work on improving body mechanics with you!
Susie Daly
F45 Training DePaul
Great new studio! The coaches are the best. The studio itself is spacious, clean, and has easy parking for classes.
Caitlin Ursini
F45 Training DePaul
Fantastic coaches and classes! Highly recommend for all fitness levels. Get ready to sweat!
Dylan Eike
F45 Training DePaul
Great gym community, with fun coaches and rotating classes. One of the biggest F45 I’ve been too!
Stephanie Alvarado
F45 Training DePaul
I love f45! it’s a great workout and the coaches are awesome and really helpful!
Liz F
F45 Training DePaul
I can’t recommend F45 Training DePaul enough. The environment and workouts are great, and the coaches are so motivating!
Neha Viswanath
F45 Training DePaul
Super efficient workout, always very clean, trainers give good feedback on form and are very attentive
Samantha S
F45 Training DePaul
Coaches are knowledgeable and motivating. Workouts different everyday so never get bored!
Michelle Del Guidice
F45 Training DePaul
Great workouts and coaches always do an awesome job!
Brad Fritchey
F45 Training DePaul
Taking part in the F45 DePaul community is a beautiful and motivating part of my week!
Levi Sowerby, F45 DePaul Head Coach
F45 Training DePaul
I have been training here for the last 3 months, I have to say it has been such an adventure. It’s quite intimidating at first working out again and gaining good form does not come naturally to most of us. Yet Stephanie has been helping me every step of the way she is truly such a gem in all of the classes she is proactively watching over all of us in the class pushing us to our capabilities and perfecting our form. I also appreciate Levi he is also another amazing knowledgeable coach who is intentional on helping every single person in his classes with. Due to these two extraordinary trainers, I feel like I am getting stronger every day I can’t thank them enough!
Lilia D.
F45 Training DePaul


F45 trainers are in a league of their own, delivering the expert guidance and unconditional support of a one-on-one personal trainer. Get to know the F45 trainers near you before your next F45 class.

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