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F45 TRAINING NAVY YARD – WHARF offers functional group fitness classes, reimagined. We are more than just a gym. We are the total wellness solution for every body. With 5,000+ dynamic, energy-packed movements and over 80 workouts offered, we help you unlock your inner athlete. We are the workout you always wanted with the team you didn’t know you needed. New to F45 Training?

Team Training. Life Changing.


Mark Wahlberg said it best: It’s not about mirrors, mood lights or followers. It’s about what you did with your time. It’s about how you feel when you are finished and who encouraged you along the way. Ready to join the movement?

Team Training. Life Changing.


F45 Training is functional group fitness, with the effectiveness and attention of a certified personal trainer. Our workouts are designed for every body. Join us to find out why we are rated #1 Gym by Men’s Journal in the US and Canstar Blue in Australia.


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After 3 years and 500+ classes into F45, my mental and physical health have drastically improved.
My focus is building stamina and endurance to combat multiple sclerosis. I’m 61 and in the best shape of my life.
I’ve lost 187 lbs since my very first workout in 2021. F45 has become the most joyful place in my life.
Through F45, I have lost 13 lbs of fat, gained 4 lbs of muscle and descreased my body fat by 6%.
Three years ago I got cancer. It was my F45 family and friendships that got me through it. My team is always there for me.


F45 Navy Yard has absolutely transformed my fitness journey. The supportive community here is second to none – many people will provide motivating comments and encouraging to each other. As neurodivergent, it’s nice to have this baseline energy but also respect for distance on days where I’m more in my head and overstimulated. The coaches bring a level of dedication that I’ve rarely seen before. They are always prepared with adjustments to cater to injuries or individual fitness levels. Their ability to personalize the experience in a group setting is impressive. I have to give a special shout out to Brit and Amy, whose energy and passion are a huge presence. Their positivity and ‘real talk’ sets the tone for the class and fuels my determination to safely push beyond my limits. I would highly recommended this team.
Wes H.
F45 Training Navy Yard
Love this place. I looked all over navy yard for a good weight lifting gym and struggled!! This place is the answer to my hearts desire. The coaches are excellent, always watching for form and keeping everyone motivated. Amy is great. The people that go are nice and friendly. So happy I found F45
Wendy M.
F45 Training Navy Yard
F45 Navy Yard is simply the best thing that came out of 2022 for me! I’ve grown so much in terms of strength/fitness and I’ve also gained a lot of new friends! Whenever I leave an F45 workout I just feel better.
Anna M.
F45 Training Navy Yard
I’ve never been a believer of boutique, group fitness classes, but F45 has changed my mind! The coaches are inspirational and great with corrections, the workouts are unique, and while you leave exhausted, you’re also feeling accomplished. Highly recommend to anyone – try the 7 day trial and you won’t regret it.
Suneel M.
F45 Training Navy Yard
I was very nervous to get back into the workout grind after COVID and after being not so in shape for a while, but Brit and all the coaches at F45 have made me want to come back every day and work harder and get stronger! Each workout is different and challenges every part of the body, and the coaches are always present to help with form and encouragement. Each 45 minute session I am burning anywhere from 500-700 calories, which is absolutely insane! The studio is brand new and is a great spot located right inside the Kelvin apartments. I feel like a part of the family already and I can’t wait to grow stronger and healthier with the F45 team!
Kat S.
F45 Training Navy Yard
F45 is amazing and the staff are great. I have been trying to get into weight training for a while but couldn’t find the right gym, until I came across F45. I have always been a runner, but never a weightlifter. The staff at F45 are eager to correct my form and make sure I get the most out of each class.
Jamie M.
F45 Training Navy Yard
Each workout is a rapid butt kick and you don’t have time to think, you just work. Brit Jones runs the studio and is excellent. She’s not only a motivating & knowledgeable instructor in the gym but she’s an incredibly responsive manager.
Allison G.
F45 Training Navy Yard
I have always been intimidated by group classes, lifting with people that are stronger than me, but Britt and the coaches have been so amazing! Such an encouraging and motivating team!
Julie H.
F45 Training Navy Yard
I LOVE this place. The variety, the cleanliness, the staff, the intensity of the workout – all excellent. Just the right kind of hard – very motivating.
Ashleigh H.
F45 Training Navy Yard
Love F45. It’s a great workout and all the staff are super nice. Easy to modify or challenge based on your ability.
Brooke K.
F45 Training Navy Yard
Kindest staff, welcoming, and addicting! Seamless to add into routine.
Kara F.
F45 Training Navy Yard
As a producer of a podcast, I am hunched over a computer all day. This gym teaches you functional movements that you can carry into your life! Love this studio!
Lauren C.
F45 Training Navy Yard
My wife and I have been going to the free bootcamps that were offered in the lead up to the studio opening for several months. We enjoyed those and absolutely love the classes in the studio. You walk out knowing you have put in serious work. The classes are tough, but they move really quickly so you don’t really have time to realize how hard you’re working. All the instructors are incredibly friendly and helpful. I’m excited to make F45 part of my regular fitness routine!
Rohan D.
F45 Training Navy Yard
I have loved F45! The staff is incredible, and I really enjoy the workouts.
Simms O.
F45 Training Navy Yard
Fantastic atmosphere and great coaches. I look forward to going to class every day and have met some amazing people while working out!
Aimee S.
F45 Training Navy Yard
I joined 3 weeks ago and I’m so glad I did! In preparation for my upcoming wedding, I’ve been enjoying coming to the studio 4-5 times a week. The atmosphere is great and the instructors and so helpful. The playlists are always awesome! I’m feeling strong and confident after just a few weeks. Looking forward to continuing my health journey!
Lauren G.
F45 Training Navy Yard
While I’ve only been a member of F45 for a few weeks, I can say that so far so good! I really enjoy the mix of cardio and strength because it serves as a great independent workout and there’s a strong sense of community.
Amanda A.
F45 Training Navy Yard
F45 Navy Yard is such a welcoming environment to get a good workout in! From your first day you feel welcome and you have amazing coaches who keep you motivated, check your form and help make any modifications if needed. There’s great music and the 45 minutes truly flies by!!
Jenna L.
F45 Training Navy Yard
F45 is exactly the type of gym I’ve been waiting to open up in Navy Yard. It’s the perfect combination of hard workout, fun atmosphere, and trainers who really care to make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly. I love this gym! If you’re looking for a great workout, come check out F45.
Ilse Z.
F45 Training Navy Yard
F45 Navy Yard is definitely the best gym I have ever been to. The coaches, the workouts, the perks of a membership are amazing. I constantly feel supported when I attend a class and being a part of this gym feels like being a part of a big family. The workouts are intense but fun. I look forward to going each day and I would recommend this gym to anyone. Shoutout Coach Brit for being a beast and one of the best trainers in the game.
Mia A.
F45 Training Navy Yard
Amazing workout class! I jumped into F45 as I was getting back into exercising again and man has it helped me kick start my training. The instructors are great, each one is very helpful with any issues you may be having or if you’re looking for tips to bring back to your home gym. Would recommend to anyone!
Lucas N.
F45 Training Navy Yard
The best workout you’ll ever get! The instructors are so supportive and are really great at helping correct your form or answers any questions you might have. The people who workout at f45 are also great! It’s an awesome community to be apart of 🙂
Rachael G.
F45 Training Navy Yard
F45 Navy Yard gym is amazing! I have been going to this gym for a few weeks now and I can honestly say that I am very impressed. From the equipment to the classes, everything is top-notch. The instructors are friendly and knowledgeable and make the workouts fun and effective. The classes are always challenging and I have seen real progress in my strength, endurance, and agility. The staff is friendly and welcoming and the facilities are always clean and well maintained. I would highly recommend F45 Navy Yard gym to anyone looking for a great workout and a welcoming atmosphere. It is truly a great place to get in shape and have fun doing it!
Paul A.
F45 Training Navy Yard
Awesome coaches, clean studio, solid playlists, challenging workouts! 5/5 #wouldrecommend
Lauren C.
F45 Training Navy Yard
Was so excited when I found out F45 Navy Yard-Wharf was opening!! I had been wanting to check out this gym for a long time and there was finally going to be one in my neighborhood! After being a long time member at Orange Theory I was ready for a change. F45 has NOT disappointed and the community, coaches and staff at Navyyard are BEYOND amazing! Classes will Kick your butt BUT it is totally worth it! Check them out it out if you haven’t yet!
Susan S.
F45 Training Navy Yard
F45 Navy Yard – Wharf is the place to be!!! The coaches always brighten everyones day and are always so pleasant! Whether it be early morning crew or evening crew – they are always there to support you! It has built my confidence back up and allowed me to be stronger than I have ever been. The coaches are amazing! Especially Britt, Amy and Emily! Although, every single one of them is so nice and works so hard to do their job well. They always give positive feedback and correct when necessary. It has been awesome to get back into weight lifting after a long hiatus. The F45 navy yard community is great. They have a lot of events that I have not yet been to but I would love to go to sometime in the near future. They are truly the BEST!!!
Carly F.
F45 Training Navy Yard
F45 Training Navy Yard is one of the best group fitness gyms. The workouts are challenging and there are so many resources available to make sure you reach your full potential and achieve the maximum benefit on your fitness journey. One of the best features for the gym is the structure. No matter what day you come, the coaches start on time and follow the same format to make sure you have all of the information necessary to complete each workout successfully. There are also monitors to remind you of form and music to motivate you to get through each workout. I am a happy customer!
Teria D.
F45 Training Navy Yard


F45 trainers are in a league of their own, delivering the expert guidance and unconditional support of a one-on-one personal trainer. Get to know the F45 trainers near you before your next F45 class.

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