Fact or Fiction: Your Weekly Nutrition Roundup

February 15th 2024 | Ashleigh Kidd, RD, LDN

Hey team! Back here again to separate fact from fiction when it comes to nutrition. Want your burning questions answered? Head to our IG (@f45Training) every Thursday during Challenge to play Fact or Fiction and submit your nutrition questions to be answered by your Challenge Dietitian!

Alright, let’s play! 

Fact or Fiction: “Skipping one meal to save up calories for another larger meal is a healthy balance”


Do you have to eat three meals a day? The short answer is no….you don’t HAVE to. However, the vast majority of people feel their best having three meals a day, eating about every 3-4 hours (+ snacks when needed). If you are looking for a small step to improve your nutrition, I highly recommend you starting here.

When we skip meals or under fuel we are more likely to feel out of control around food (mindful eating goes out the window), experience a dip in energy, and have increased thoughts about food because we’re not satisfied.

Fact or Fiction: “Eating within an hour after a workout aids in recovery”


After a workout, it’s time to get some carbs and protein in! Aim to have a balanced meal rich in protein and fiber within 60 minutes of ending your workouts, especially if strength training. i.e. egg and black bean tacos with sautéed kale.

If you’re unable to have a full meal within 1 hour of working out, go for a carbohydrate rich snack (i.e. banana, milk, yogurt, or protein shake).

Fact or Fiction: “It’s impossible to have healthy snacks on the go or during a long work shift”


When choosing a snack, you want to pair a fiber source with a protein and/or fat source. This is the key to sustained energy and keeping you full and satisfied between meal times. You can find a whole list of balanced snack ideas here.

For long car trips or if your work place doesn’t have a fridge, try these combos:

  • Crackers + Nut Butter
  • Pumpkin Seeds + Pear
  • Banana + pistachios
  • Tuna + crackers
  • Nuts + dried fruit
  • Crunchy chickpeas or broad beans + clementine

Have you ordered your meals for the remainder of Challenge? Check your area here for suppliers here.

For additional nutrition and wellness support, you can always check out F45 Articles for tips on how to improve your nutrition and relationship with food. 


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