Why Choose the F45 Challenge Over Any Other Fitness Challenge?

Fitness challenges are a popular motivation tool to improve health and strength, manage weight loss, teach consistency and overcome the mental roadblocks associated with exercise. However, not all fitness challenge ideas are created equal. Inflexible or deprivation-style challenges are difficult to sustain and tend to foster a guilt mindset. The F45 Challenge has a different take – our challenge is a fully guided program that takes a holistic approach to nutrition, workouts, body composition, goal setting and community support. In the following guide, we’ll share our insights into what sets the F45 Challenge apart from traditional fitness challenges.

How does a fitness challenge work?

Fitness challenges vary in length and level of intensity, with a focus on achieving a set of specific fitness goals. So, why do a fitness challenge? Some examples of fitness challenge workouts include:

  • Establishing repeated behaviours like a 30-day running challenge
  • Preparing for an intensive event like an obstacle course or triathlon 
  • Measuring calories burned or setting personal weight loss targets
  • Smashing a numerical goal: 100 squats, 100 push-ups, 100 pull-ups, etc.
  • Focusing on a specific group of muscles like a core strength challenge

The word ‘challenge’ is largely subjective, but for most, the aim of completing a fitness challenge is about pushing the body and mind beyond its preconceived limits.

What makes the F45 Challenge different?

Some fitness challenges are more rigid than others, leaving no room for ‘error’ or respite. Not only is this daunting, it’s also unrealistic, making it unlikely to produce long-term health and fitness habits post-challenge.¹ At F45, our idea of a ‘challenge’ is one that gives you a template for long-term health and fitness maintenance, backed by the nutritional guidance of experts and ongoing support from world-class trainers. 

In addition to functional resistance, cardio, hybrid and recovery workouts, the F45 Challenge includes daily customised meal plans with nutritionally balanced recipes and grocery lists, mentoring from coaches, and body composition stats and goal tracking in the F45 Training App. Keep reading to learn more about why you should choose F45 for your next challenge.

Education around nutrition

Eliminating foods and having an ‘all or nothing’ mindset is near-impossible to stick to², especially once a fitness challenge is over. Instead, the F45 Challenge focuses on the value of nutrition so you can give your body and mind the energy it needs. We provide challengers with a wide range of recipes that have been hand-picked by F45-accredited dietitians and nutritionists so you can enjoy a range of well-balanced meals. We recommend a combination of lean proteins, grains, healthy fats, fruit and vegetables, limiting (though not eliminating) saturated fats, added sugar, excess salt and alcohol.

Customised meal plans

It’s important to prioritise our health outside of our training, so F45 has curated an extensive range of recipes with nutrient-dense ingredients. This is where F45 really differs from other fitness challenges. These macro-balanced recipes, along with auto-generated grocery lists, are available to F45 Challengers on the app – simplifying your meal preparation and at-home cooking. Animal and plant-based options are available. These meal plans are designed to complement your workout regime and align with your goals and lifestyle.

Mentorship from coaches

Qualified, knowledgeable coaches are available to mentor you through your F45 Challenge. Consult with your F45 coach when formulating your meal and workout plans plans, as well as your goals. You can also use the F45 Training App to check in with your trainers, make adjustments to your meals based on your fitness requirements, and stay accountable through the 45 days.

Detailed fitness plans each week

Alongside your nutritious meals, your fitness plan throughout the F45 Challenge will include a mixture of cardio, strength training and low-impact recovery classes. This will ensure you improve your cardiovascular fitness, build lean muscle mass, and restore muscles. We recommend you attend 4-5 workout classes each week, ensuring you have an even mix of cardio and strength training. While you might have a workout-specific goal – such as weight loss – that requires ample cardio, it’s important that you don’t neglect strength training which is vital for preserving healthy muscle mass.³ Work with your coach to establish a fitness plan that’s right for you.

Monitored goals and accountability

A large part of the F45 Challenge is setting realistic, achievable goals. Tracking fitness progress and achievements is a great tool for positive reinforcement, which subsequently boosts motivation4, particularly during plateaus. We suggest forming SMART goals: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. These realistic parameters are what the F45 Challenge is all about; we want to help you build the skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle long-term and be excited to work towards your goals.

Support from your F45 community

While your health and fitness goals will be self-set, remember that you are a part of the F45 community, and you are all working towards completing your shared goal of 45 days. Group fitness classes not only provide social reward and good-spirited competition, but they also help you find external accountability and more enjoyment when your personal motivation wanes5. Use the F45 Training App’s ‘share’ function to share your progress with fellow F45 Challengers.

Up next, discover how to make the most of the F45 Challenge.

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